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Mindfulness Practice and Benefits For Your Sex Life

There are those get easily distracted during sex. Hence, one of the reasons not reaching orgasms particular in women. Regardless of taking medications to boost libido, it seems nothing is working. But there’s one thing might just work for you, it’s mindfulness for sex.


Mindfulness for sex is a type of meditation to which the individual is only concern in the present moment. In sex, there is one type of meditation unique to boosting orgasm known as the orgasmic meditation. Mindfulness meditation for sex is different as this is a practice for an individual only. The more often and consistent the practice, the better the results.

Of course, both partners can do a regular practice of mindfulness for sex. They can either do it individually or do it together. But unlike orgasmic meditation, there is no contact made during mindfulness. But first, let us learn the basics.

What is Mindfulness?

Here’s a quick visual explanation on mindfulness or being present. Today, the environment is becoming more hectic and it’s increasingly more stressing, too. Obviously, stress is one of the common libido killers. Fortunately, regular mindfulness practice is one of the natural and safe stress reduction techniques.

Mindfulness Is Recommended By Experts

Mindfulness is one of the many meditation practices. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, many consider it as one of the effective and safe solutions to stress.

Moreover, studies found that mindfulness meditation has been helpful for people who are in pain1 including chronic low back pain3 4.

Fortunately, anyone who regularly practices mindfulness can reap the benefits of health and wellness including a better sex life. Today, sexologists and psycho-sexual therapists are exploring the benefits of mindfulness in enhancing sexual satisfaction.

One study5 highlights the potential of mindfulness as a treatment for sexual dysfunction in women. Additionally, Berkeley’s Greater Good is also exploring the benefits of mindfulness as treatment for sexual dysfunction.

When it comes to female sexual dysfunction, mindfulness seems to be effective. But what about on men? Does mindfulness have a similar effect on men? Erectile dysfunction is one of the common sexual dysfunction in men.

One of the common causes of erectile dysfunction is psychological or mental factors, which include stress. Unfortunately, there are not many studies done on mindfulness on men with erectile dysfunction. The good news is that based on personal experience, mindfulness practice along with yoga and healthy lifestyle have positive benefits on men’s sex life.

2 Mindful Practices for Better Sex

Here are a few practices that you can put into daily practice. These mindful practices not only boost your sex life but also helpful for achieving better health and wellbeing.

1. Consciously Breath Deeply

One of the common mindful practices is deep breathing exercise. Deep breathing allows you to train yourself to breathe properly. It might seem awkward, but most people don’t know how to breathe properly.

Most people are breathing from their chest. The proper way of breathing is through the abdomen. When you inhale, the stomach should expand as oxygen fills up. Upon exhale, the stomach contract emptying the carbon dioxide.

When this is done regularly and consistently, it is also a good detox releasing all the carbon dioxide from the lungs and allowing more oxygen to fills in. Do the deep breathing exercise daily for a few minutes. When you can do it several times in a day.

2. Be In The Present Awareness

While doing the deep breathing exercise, it is important to focus on the present moment. How do you do this? Simply notice the sensation of the breaths. Notice the cool sensation of the air passing through your nose during inhalation.

During exhales, notice the warm air passing out through your nose. This is helpful in eliminating your worries and anxieties. Instead of thinking something bad happen in the past, or worrying what would happen in the future, just be present.

The being present awareness practice allows you to train your brain to calm. Some call it the monkey mind as it can’t rest and stop thinking. However, if you can train it to be present or focus on something positive you want to happen, it is the start of enjoying the long-term benefits.

Final Thoughts

Practicing and making it habit to be mindful at all times is life-changing. While other people around you are rushing and chasing times, you slow down and enjoy the present moment.

When it comes to sex and being able to maximize your performance and allowing your partner to reach orgasm, these practices are essential. Once they become a part of your life, you can apply it to anything in life including your sex life.

Note that, there are no shortcuts. You can’t gain such skills by just practicing once a week. Instead, go through and practice it daily. When you can, practice it a few minutes several times a day. The most effective times to practice it includes a few minutes prior to bed, just after waking up, and during noon time.

Those who are involved in doing penis exercises and even using a penis pump, being mindful is essential to achieve desirable results. What you’re desiring and thinking should be in unison with what you’re doing.


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