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The Mediterranean Diet Boosts Protection Against Air Pollution

The Mediterranean diet is known for its anti-inflammatory property. It also tops the recent diet trends. Hence, it’s clear that this type of lifestyle eating truly live up to its purpose for better health.

Moreover, a recent study by NYU School of Medicine says eating the Mediterranean way may protect people from certain unhealthy effects of air pollution.

The protection in which the Mediterranean diet provides comes from the antioxidants of the foods it consists.

The Mediterranean diet consists of high amount of fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains, olive oil(which is one of the healthiest oil available and also recommended in the Ketogenic diet), fish particularly wild fishes that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and poultry.

Chris Lim, author of the study and a doctoral student at the NYU School of Medicine told CNN;

Air pollution is hypothesized to cause bad health effects through oxidative stress and inflammation, and the Mediterranean diet is really rich in foods that are anti-inflammatory and have antioxidants that might intervene through those avenues…. When I looked at each component of the Mediterranean diet, it’s the fruits and vegetables and healthy fats that are attenuating the air pollution

The Mediterranean Diet and Longevity

It is clear that when you switch your lifestyle eating habit to a Mediterranean diet, you’re going to get lots of antioxidants. These antioxidants neutralize free radicals in the body, which accelerate aging and causes inflammation. Mediterranean Diet Improves Longevity

Wanting to live healthier and longer, switching to a Mediterranean diet is very practical and effective move. Just as the Ketogenic diet, the Mediterranean diet is rich in foods containing healthy fats, which is helpful in reducing inflammation in the brain.

One of the most popular oils in the Mediterranean diet. However, the nuts including walnuts, pistachios and others are also rich in healthy fats.

Moreover, one diet that is derived from the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet has been found to fight depression. And, there is a significance on this one as depression is linked to inflammation.

When there is inflammation all over the body including the brain, it lowers and compromises the body’s immune system. A weakened immune system means the body cannot get rid of free radicals due to environmental impacts like air pollution.

An Environment-Friendly Diet

Today, global warming and climate change are huge topics. And, do you know that eating a Mediterranean diet as your lifestyle diet allows you to help the environment.

Here’s why? Reducing meat intake. And, you might ask where to get your protein? Well, there are meatless sources of proteins. But, definitely, eating meat sparingly can, in fact, help achieve good health and environment-friendly.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for a healthy way to lose weight, improves brain health and memory, prostate health purposes and even better sex, try the Mediterranean diet. It has a lot of health benefits being the main one is anti-inflammatory.

Now, this recent study may encourage more people to switch towards a Mediterranean-type of eating lifestyle. For most people who are eating unhealthy foods, it might take awhile to fully switch.

However, with constant effort, it is possible. Furthermore, eating healthy a diet like the Mediterranean diet could help deter the obesity epidemic. In turn, this may help reduce the incidence of cancers.

Start today and over time, you’ll be able to notice the positive impact on it both on you and the environment. Of course, there are no shortcuts but even a slow but steady progress is a lot better than no progress at all.

And, one more thing, always maintain regular physical activities. In other words, don’t forget to exercise. Fortunately, when you are in a good nutrition plan, you don’t need a lot of physical activity. As long as you’re moving on a daily basis such as walking, running and even taking the stairs, these are good healthy habits.


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