5 Sizzling Tips On How To Make Love With Your Girl The Way She Wants It


When it comes to sex, it is extremely rare she is in control. Mostly, men do. However, men who know how to make love the way she wants it can get let her achieve better orgasms and satisfaction. This maybe one of the reasons why lesbians climax easily compare to straight women, according to experts.

There are certain ways a woman wants to be treated when making love. Men should know these certain factors to satisfy his partner sexually. Additionally, these are  good sexual acts for married couples, as well, bringing freshness to the relationship achieving a more intimate connection.

5 Tips To Making Love The Way She Wants

Now let’s explore what you can do to make a sizzling love-making. These tips require some practice, but the good thing is you’ll enjoy while doing it.

1 – Taming The Tongue

Women are sensitive to a gentle start such as sensual sucking and seducing. Although modern men recognized such desire in women, there are those who are not yet doing it in the right way. Most guys are aggressive, and there is no doubt about it.

However, taming the tongue during the sexual initialization can get her thrilled. The tongue can even mimic vaginal penetration.

Therefore, when licking her vagina, do not just simply aim for the clit. Instead, cover as much angle within the opening as it holds the most sensitive nerve endings. For her, It is pleasurable, so take advantage of it.

2 – Relishing On Her Entire Body

Targeting the hot spots right at the beginning can truly hinder her arousal. As mentioned, women are sensitive to gentle and sensual touching at the start. On the other hand, men enjoy the opposite. Hence, men who are not accustomed to gentle touching should look at it differently.

Relish Her

After all, sexual satisfaction for both partners is a coordinated effort. It a give and take process. The good news, when a man gives more at the start, she will reciprocate on and give her best eventually.

Avoiding in contact with her genitals while at the beginning of love-making can be extremely exciting for her. Take the time to kiss her gently on obvious spots such as lips, neck, behind the ear, her hips and buttocks. Gentle touching on hair, arms, and shoulders can be extremely arousing.

3 – Giving Her The Control To Decide

In a typical heterosexual relationship, the majority of women are hesitant to say “NO” when their partner initiate sexual acts. Letting this happen all the time can result in unwanted sex intercourse and dissatisfaction.

She Is In Control

Rutgers research revealed that even lesbians have fewer sex activities than straight women do, they feel satisfied with their sexual lifestyle. The primary reason, when lesbians have sex with homosexually, they are in control in every aspect, when they want it, and what how they want the sexual acts would go.

Knowing what she wants and letting her decide can make her feel she is in control. Now, this does not mean a man is not in control anymore. Additionally, when women feel they are in control, it helps boost her libido, which means  good news for men.

Hence, the next time you and your girl plan for a date or invite her to your place, do not expect to hook up with her every time. Let her feel you are giving her control over sexual aspects.

Although this might seem the opposite of what an alpha male has to do, you will be surprised how effective is this when you do it the right way.

4 – Taking The Time

There is no exact formula to exploring a woman’s way of sexual satisfaction. The best way to achieve it is to experiment with her. Undoubtedly, women want the big “O”, but the process along for the rest of sexual acts are crucial, as well.

It is by nature that men are centered on orgasm as opposed women who are interactive. Experimenting on attempting to catch your girl’s way of pleasure can be exciting for both her and you. Therefore, do not only think of your orgasms but hers, as well.

5 – Accepting or Embracing What Is Around

What this means is that some women love to use sex toys. However, there are women who are hesitant of using sex toys along with their male partner, according to Indiana University research. Of course, lesbians will gladly welcome sex toys, but men might look at it in an entirely different way.

Vibrator For Women

Sex toys are there for pleasure, and even some men used it. When having sex with her and she wants to use her toy, accept it. This does not mean you are an inferior performer.

Perhaps, there are certain reasons why she wants to use a toy. In that case, you can ask her, why? Open communication is one of the keys to happy sexual relationship.


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