Increase Life Expectancy Is One The Benefits of Riding A Bike


Today, there are millions of people looking for the secret fountain of youth. No wonder the anti-aging business is now a billion-dollar business. But do you know that one of the benefits of riding a bike can boost your longevity?

Long Life Is One Of The Benefits of Riding A Bike

One study1 says that one of the happiest people are those who ride bicycles. In a later study2 by researchers at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, they find that cyclists live six months longer than non-cyclists on average.

The study involves 50,000 Dutch residents. Analyzing the data in which the researchers gathered, they find that every additional hour of riding a bike is linked to approximately one more hour of a person’s life.

Researcher Carlijn Kamphuis says in an interview that;

For Dutch people, that equates to living for about six months longer for every 75 minutes of cycling each week. Additionally, it appears that about 6.5 thousand premature deaths are saved each year through cycling.

The Netherlands is perfect for this study as riding a bike is one of the tremendously popular modes of transportation. As a matter of fact, dedicated cycling infrastructures exist allowing cyclists to a safe and easy commute.

Furthermore, the Dutch researchers are hoping that their findings on one of the benefits of riding a bike could convince more people to hop on their bikes.

The researchers are also looking forward to inspiring policymakers around the world to encourage and promote cycling. Perhaps, giving cyclists priority by providing infrastructure for a safer, easier and more enjoyable ride whether it be commuting or just having fun.

Carlijn Kamphuis adds;

This is important information to convince policymakers about the significance of promoting cycling measures. The figures speak for themselves. An investment in better cycle paths, for example, is easily recovered through the enormous health benefits and potential financial savings. There are also other benefits from cycling including improved air quality, reduced traffic and as people move more, less burden due to illness.

Combining Cycling with Other Longevity-Boosting Activities

It is truly inspiring to know that one of the benefits of riding a bike is longer life expectancy. However, we should not discount other means of achieving and living a long life.

Besides, it is not just about living longer but also healthier and happier. There are plenty of other activities that you can incorporate into your lifestyle.

For instance, always remember that good nutrition is key to good health and fitness. While exercise is great and valuable, without proper nutrition, it is difficult to keep a good overall fitness.

Therefore, while you’re enjoying and reaping one of the benefits of riding a bike, you should also enjoy a good nutrition plan. For instance, incorporate a lifestyle diet that is approved by health experts and government bodies like the Mediterranean diet. In fact, it is the No. 1 diet trend in 2018 along with its other variations such as the DASH and MIND diets.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Reap and enjoy one of the benefits of riding a bike while enjoying the view at the same time. Cycling is both an awesome exercise and a means of transportation.

Additionally, bicycles use no gas or electricity. It simply works and runs as you pedal it at no expense except the benefits of exercise. Of course, cycling involves balancing, which is a good exercise for the brain, too.

Cycling Boosts Your Sex Life

Probably, men would be more interested on this but perhaps, women, as well. But just like exercise, cycling can actually boosts your sex life.

Additionally, people who engage in sex more often also live longer. It is already known that sex has many health benefits especially when it is done more frequently.


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