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3 Traits Towards A Lasting and Successful Relationship

Getting into a relationship is innate to humans. In fact, it is not just humans but animals have their own ways of having relationships. Unfortunately, many people simply take for granted having a relationship.

Some people aim to have a relationship hoping the partner could somehow fill the lack. However, it’s not how a true relationship works, particularly in a romantic relationship. For someone who is just looking somebody to fill something, he or she lacks, most likely that relationship will fail.

One of the most important factors in a successful relationship is having that sense of friendship within a romantic relationship. This is where both partners feel comfortable with one another and lead to an open-minded communication.

Moreover, this friendship within a romantic relationship can lead to more traits essential to making a successful relationship.

Traits Of A Lasting and Successful Relationship

Helen Fisher, Ph.D., a Biological Anthropologist, and author of several relationship books like The Anatomy of Love and The First Sex reveal 3 traits of lasting relationship.

In her Ted Talk entitled “The Brain In Love”, she explains these 3 traits and how to apply them in your relationship. To have a quick overview of these 3 traits, here they are;

  1. The ability to feel empathy towards one another.
  2. Being able to control emotions particularly during stressful times.
  3. Using positive illusions.

Do You Have These Traits In Your Relationship?

Hopefully, you’ve watched the video and learned something from it. In fact, why not apply these traits in your relationship?

Sometimes, there are people who find the result of applying these traits not worth the effort. However, think of what these traits can do and improve your romantic relationship, especially those engaged in a long distance relationship.

Moreover, applying these traits may not only elevate your relationship but also lead to better sex. Even better, applying these traits may prevent relationships from falling apart.

Hence, take time to consider these traits, as well as think about the root issues in your relationship, right now. Most of the time, fighting is blamed. But, think about applying these traits, would it make your relationship better?

If your answer to that question is YES, then, do and apply it.

The reality is there is so much involved why relationships fall apart. And, paying attention to things that can harm can actually save a relationship.


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