Kissenger Makes Kissing Possible Via Internet or Mobile Phones


Probably, the biggest disamenity in a long distance relationship is physical contact. Of course, you can say something to your partner emotionally and erotically but without contact, it somewhat lacks intimacy.

This is true for both unmarried and married couples. But, don’t get dispair, yet.

Millions of couples are into long-distance relationships. In the U.S. alone, 2.9% of marriages and 75% of engaged relationships fall under long distance relationship. You and your partner may be one of these couples.

Kissenger on Long Distance Relationship

In the past, you may be limited to voice calls, text messaging and video chat. But today, there’s a device that lets you kiss your intimate partner through the internet or even via mobile phones.

Meet the Kissenger, an ingenious gadget that takes advantage of your phone to allow a realistic kissing experience between two distant people.

How The Kissenger Works?

Kissenger for mobile phones looks like a cradle for your mobile phones with the addition of an app. The app sense and controls the pressure of the kiss of the couple at both ends.

To make it easier to grasp, here’s how the kissenger works.

Right now, the product developers say kissegner only works for IOS devices like iPhone.

Kissenger For Computers

Using kissenger for mobile phones is very convenient. You can bring it anywhere and when you communicate with your partner, it’s easy to leave a kiss before saying bye bye.

However, some people might prefer using a computer instead of a mobile phone. Well, no problem. Kissengers for PC is also available. You can contact the developer for more info.

Awesome Technological Advancements

Certainly, these gadgets like kissengers are among the most innovative especially when it comes to bringing couples in long distance relationships closer.

This could be one of the keys to nurturing a successful relationship even the couple is separated hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

Moreover, a well-rounded relationship has the advantage of having better sex experience, too. Sex frequency may not be the most fundamental factor to make the couple happy but certainly, quality matters.

And, in that case, devices like the kissengers for mobile and PC can be used as a tool to allow that spark of love and expression of passionate emotion towards each other.


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