JES Extender Is The World’s First Clinically-Proven Natural Penis Enlargement Device by DanaMedic


JES extender is one of the popular penis extender device available in the market that has been endorsed by medical professionals. The company that developed the JES extender is one of the pioneers in the development of penis enlargement devices. In fact, it is considered as the original traction penile extender.

As a matter of fact, Jes extender itself is a product that was designed based on medical knowledge. Just as with SizeGenetics, Jes extender uses the technique called traction to increase the length of the penis shaft.

JES Extender Pioneer of Penis Extenders

Traction penis extenders are medically proven to give results based on clinical studies. Works by applying a steady stretch to the penis. This makes tissue cells divide and multiply – a well-known process called cytokinesis. Over time this results in new and permanent tissue growth throughout the penis, making you visibly longer and thicker.

Why Choose Jes Extender

The decision on choosing a penis enlargement device is all up to you. However, one should do a bit of research about what is working with others successfully. Jes extender has been able to deliver results on many men who are now enjoying permanent gains in their penis size. The device is made from quality and medical-grade materials.

The company that designed and manufactured Jes extender are so confident the device will deliver results. In fact, the makers claimed it can increase penis size up to 3 inches in length and 1 inch in girth in 6 months when used with recommended routines accordingly. Additionally, the company is offering a daring double money back guarantee if you do not achieve any results.

JES Extender Precision and Comfort

  • Easy to use and comes with detailed instructional guide to get started easily.
  • Does not require medical experience or assistance of a doctor to use the device.
  • Does not interfere one’s normal sexual lifestyle during treatment or process of enlargement.
  • Works on men on all ages and all walks of life.
  • JES extenders are designed to fit all penis sizes and shapes.
  • Device can be worn during work as it can be hidden underneath clothing.
  • Ships and deliver to over 200 countries, so buying it online is not a problem.
  • Fits penises whether circumcised or uncircumcised.

Medical Documentations

Every JES extender penis enlarger device has been extensively tested within a clinical environment through the hands of qualified surgeons and doctors. Furthermore, the device has been long carrying the European CE Mark, which is a standard awarded to products the are able to meet the European Union standards.

JES is FDA-Approved and CE Marked

Plus, it has been classified as a Type 1 Medical Device. Hence, the product not only carries these certifications but the quality and efficacy with safety in mind.

Being classified as a Medical Type 1 device, JES Extender is completely safe and approved for home use. The materials used in the device are 100% medical grade materials, lightweight, easy to use and hypo-allergenic. All these are vital factors enabling users to achieve the best possible results in natural penis growth safely and effectively.

Clinical Study

The clinical study was conducted by BJUI(British Journal of Urology) and presented at 1st Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery concluded that subjects achieved average gains up to 28% after using the Jes extender. Moreover, other subjects found to be achieving over 40% gains in penis size.

Materials and Methods Employed During The Test

The Results

The JES Extender penis enlarger device was able to deliver the desired results. The average results gathered from participants in the course of 6 months period are 28 % increase in penis length and 19 % increase girth.

Additionally, the majority of the participants reported they’ve noticed a noticeable growth in both length and girth during the first four months of using and wearing the device. Continuous wearing of the device based on according the routines recommended can lead to an even better penis enlargement gains.

  • Increase in erect length of 2.8cm or 1.1 inch after 1100-hours at 1200 grams traction force with corresponding flaccid increase is 1.9cm or 0.75 inch.
  • Average lengthening per week was 1.9mm
  • No complications was found.

Details of the clinical study can be viewed here.

JES Extender Test For Correcting Penile Curvature

Peyronies Disease affects approximately 5% of men. The JES Extender system or penis enlarger kit can be used as a non-invasive treatment for Peyronies Disease. A proposed clinical study was conducted on 26 male participants showed huge improvements in many symptoms linked to Peyronies Disease.

JES Extender Study For Peyronies Treatment

More details of this study can be found here. The results after 6 months of treatment, the plaque was eliminated in 7 cases that accounts 26.9% and a significant reduction in the number, consistency and size and consistency of the plaque build-up was noticed in 18 participants, which accounts 69.2%. Furthermore, 13 participants, which is 61.9% have been able to restore their erectile functions, and lastly 10 participants, which accounts 38.5% restored penis sensitivity.

This study has proven, traction mechanical penis stretcher device offers beneficial outcomes on the fibrotic plaque that is apparent through size reduction as well as the consistency of the plaque, penile curvature correction, penile length recovery, and overall improvement in erection quality.

On the other hand, a urologist specialist in the person of Wendy Hurn at Bristol Royal Infirmary also conducted a research about treating Peyronies Disease using a penile traction method. Results in the study revealed penile traction is a perfect non-invasive or non-surgical treatment for penile curvature and can straighten curved penises.

In his study, Wendy Hurn took 22 male participants with age ranging from 18 to 78 years old who suffer from Peyronies Disease. He divided the subjects/participants into two groups in which one of the groups of men having a penis size of 12.5 cm or under when fully stretched. The other group of men have a penis size of 12.5cm and above when fully stretched.

Once the participants are group accordingly, they were instructed to put on a medically-tested traction penis stretcher for an average duration of 5-hours each day for a period of 3 months. At the end of 3 months, Wendy Hurn recorded average results of 0.8 to 2.3cm increase in penis length and 20% reduction or correction of the penile curvatures.

JES Extender Suggested Penis Enlargement Program

To make the most of the penis traction technique used in JES extender device, users are suggested to follow a six weeks Slow Start-Up scheduled routine. This is a penis enlargement program that enables the body, as well as the user to get used to the traction process. The scheduled routine recommends to starting at low traction force with shorter length of time wearing the device.

JES extender penis enlarger device is totally safe to use, and as users become more accustomed to the traction force used, length duration of usage or wearing the device can be determined by the user’s preference. In addition, while the scheduled and recommended routines start at low traction force, it can be adjusted gradually week after week once the user’s penis is ready to tackle a higher traction forces.

Refer to the table below for quick reference about the Slow Start-Up scheduled routines. This is recommended especially for those first-time users and have no prior experience in penis enlargement. Otherwise, if you’re an experience penis enlargement individual, feel free to use the device to a point you think your penis can handle. However, if you want to test where your limits are, follow the recommended Slow Start-Up and gradually increase the intensity, traction force, and length duration of wearing the device.

As you might notice, the table shows a six weeks scheduled routine. The reason is most noticeable and measurable gains can be achieve beginning at this period of use provided the recommended routines are followed accordingly.


JES extender penis enlarger device has been able to satisfy over 500,000 users across the globe and still counting. In fact, positive feedbacks and testimonials are flooding from men who are happy with the results they have achieved with the device. Here are some of the testimonials from JES extender device users who willingly shared their experiences. Also, you can more of these feedbacks at JES extender’s testimonial page.

…I simply can’t believe it. I have been using your product for about 6 months. My penis is obviously enlarged. My self-esteem has improved a lot, and I can tell you that my girlfriend is very pleased. She has told me, that she can feel a significant difference during sexual acts. -Anonymous User

Hi and thanks for your quick and reassuring answer. I didn’t measure when I started. But the changes are quite substantial and definitely visible, in girth and length after only three weeks. I think it’s about 0.5-1 cm in length. Regards, and thank you for a fantastic invention. -Will P. Anderson

By the way, I have been wearing my extender for 4-6 hours each day since April 2003 (8 months) and have gained 1″ in length (6.5″ to 7.5″). I couldn’t be happier with the results thus far. -Steven Arnold

…I noticed something since I’ve been using the JES EXTENDER with the comfort strap, my hormone levels have drastically raised. My sex drive is higher, and my testicles look bigger. Have you ever heard of these kinds of results? -Peter Willforth

How To Use JES Extender Instructional Guide/Video


  1. The product is made from high-quality medical-grade and hypo-allergenic materials.
  2. Gain an increase in penis size up to 3 inches in length and 1 inch in girth in 6 months.
  3. Medically designed to avoid drawbacks of inferior penis extender devices.
  4. Offered a solid 200% money back guarantee if the device does not deliver results.


Perhaps, the only notable negative or drawback of the Jes penis extender is its price. Although the device is expensive at first impression, you get what you pay for with its proven quality and effectiveness. However, JES extender provides its customers affordable packages for those who do not have the budget for high-end packages or versions. Note that, the cheapest package does not mean ineffective, it lacks some of the accessories found on high-end packages.

It would also be beneficial if JES Extender offers some sort of financing or installment payments for high-end packages, just as X4 Labs does. Well, they’re completely different company and have different policies on that matter, but certainly have similar goals, to help those who want to increase and make their penis bigger.

Wide Range Of Packages Available

JES Extender Light Standard Edition

The JES Extender Light Standard Edition is the cheapest among JES extenders line-up. Although, it’s cheap and comes with the least accessories and extras, its quality and performance are comparable to higher packages. Anyone who is in tight budget but eager to get started with penis enlargement using a traction device, Light Standard Edition is a great start. Click here to Buy Light Standard Edition.

JES Extender Original Comfort Edition

The JES Extender Original Standard Comfort Edition is one of the top-notch penis extenders in the market today and best-selling edition since its first introduction back in 1995. It’s affordable and has been proven to deliver results in terms of penis growth. Packaged inside a stylish, and classic mahogany case. Click here to Buy Original Standard Comfort Edition.

JES Extender Titanium Edition

The JES Extender Titanium Edition is housed insde a sleek aluminium flight case along with extra accessories. Click here to Buy Titanium Edition.

JES Extender Silver Standard Edition

The JES Extender Silver Edition is made from finest material quality plus coated with pure sterling silver. Click here to Buy Silver Standard Edition.

JES Extender Gold Standard Edition

The JES Extender Gold Standard Edition is made with 24 carat gold. JES Standard Gold Edition is one of the penis extenders available today crafted with highest quality. Click here to Buy Gold Standard Edition.

JES Extender Platinum Edition

The JES Extender Platinum Edition is the finest and most complete of penis enlargement editions offered by JES. Every metal parts are platinum-coated and come with a verification certificate. Just as with the other JES extenders, the Platinum Edition achieves proven and guaranteed when it comes to penis extension. Click here to Buy Platinum Edition.

Refer to the table below for detailed inclusions for each package/edition. All JES Extender products are manufactured by hand using only high-quality materials to meet high standard quality conforming. JES Extenders are comfortable to wear even for long hours, and lightweight.

Double-Money Back Guarantee Offer

This is a huge and bold offer, guaranteed penis enlargement gains or you’ll get your money back twice. That’s a double money-back guarantee. The JES Extender team is confident the effectiveness, durability, safety, and capability to deliver results. This is due to numerous proof through several clinical studies in which JES Extenders deliver great results.

JES Extender is proven system, and it’s up to you(users) to put its efficiency into action by following the routine consistently and correctly. The program helps its users to achieve natural penis growth naturally in both length and girth.

JES Extender knew you will get the results you want, hence this guarantee offer. JES offers a double refund guarantee whenever its users’ penis size as not increased after completion of the penis enlargement program.

However, there is a certain condition to ensure fairness on both sides. In order to qualify for the double money-back guarantee, users are required to record their penis enlargement progress once per week using MyJesExtender, which is an online logging process where users have access to this tool. Additionally, users are also required to take a before and after photo while putting on the JES Extender while holding a ruler alongside for measurement consistency.

So, Are you up for a challenge to achieving amazing and permanent penis size gains? Get Started Today!

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