Immune Defence – A Naturally Formulated Immune System Boosting Supplement

Immune Defence - Immune System Booster Supplement

There are many ways to reset and keep the immune system optimal, and taking a supplement like Immune Defence is one of them.

While it is achievable to have an optimal immune system without taking any supplements, it would be helpful to have it.

Immune Defence is a naturally-formulated immune system-boosting supplement containing the mineral zinc, vitamins A, C, and E.

It also contains L-Lysine and elderberry.

Immune Defence Supports Optimal Immune System

It is important to note that Immune Defence is not a medicine but a supplement. It is an immune system booster supplement. The immune system is the body’s support system in fighting infection and getting rid of free radicals.

The optimal the body’s immune system is, the better it gets in preventing sickness and infections. Of course, the Immune Defence supplement should be used or taken along with proper nutrition including eating immune-boosting foods and healthy lifestyle practices. 

Supplements do not replace healthy eating habits but can significantly enhance the effectiveness and health benefits. Combining and making Immune Defence with proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices helps in keeping the body healthy and a well-functioning immune system.

Immune Defence Available In Forms

The immune Defence immunity-boosting supplement is suitable for the entire family. It comes in three different forms and packs, including gummies for kids.

1. The Immune Support Pack (Lozenges)

Immune Defence Lozenges

The immune system support pack comes in the form of lozenges. It is good for fighting colds and keeping the immune system at its optimal performance.

It supplies the body with critical immunity-boosting nutrients.

The formulation includes vitamins A, C, and E. It supports the body’s immune system and helps facilitate quicker recovery from common colds.

The aniseed with rosehip and acerola flavor lozenges are soothing and dissolve easily on the tongue. It baths the back of the throat with zinc ions reducing the severity and duration of colds.

2. The Immune Support Plus (Capsules)

Immune Defence Capsules

The immune support pack comes in capsule form. It provides daily immune system support with each dose include zinc, lysine, elderberry, vitamins C, and D.

Dosage is one capsule per day suitable for 12 years and older. Each capsule contains 425mg of elderberry, 35mg of zinc, and 3mg of vitamin C.

The Immune Defence capsules ingredients support the strengthening of the immune system at all times.

3. Immune Defence For Kids (Gummies)

Immune Defence for Kids
Gummies For Kids

Kids love gummies, and Immune Defence has a specific formulation for kids 4-years old and above.

The primary ingredients in the gummies formulation include 150mg elderberry, 10mg zinc, and 100mg vitamin C. Kids will love the delicious Immune Defence gummies.

It is soft and chewable with berry flavor containing immune-boosting nutrients to support children’s optimal immune system all-year-round.

Research on Immune Defence

The Immune Defence supplement itself does not have any particular studies on its benefits. However, every ingredient included in the Immune Defence formulation has been proven clinically for its health benefits.

If you are interested in learning more about the science-backed health benefits of the Immune Defence ingredients, click here.

Where To Buy It?

Right now, the Immune Defence lozenges, capsules, and gummies are available at its official website. Although the product is ship from the U.K., no worries as it offers free worldwide shipping.


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