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Ibuprofen Side Effects May Cause Male Sexual Health Problems

Ibuprofen is a widely used medication for treating a wide variety of pains including fever and inflammation. It is classified as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). However, using it for long-term may make men suffer from various ibuprofen side effects.

In one study1 published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences(PNAS), researchers find ibuprofen side effects cause male sexual health to suffer. Men who are taking ibuprofen 600 mg over a period of months have high risk of the following;

Copenhagen doctors say, healthy men with ages ranging from 18 to 35 taking ibuprofen 600 mg twice daily developed compensated hypogonadism. It is a condition which is considered a distinct clinical state associated with aging.

The side effects start to develop around two weeks of taking ibuprofen 600 mg. Compensated hypogonadism is not normal in younger men. It is a distinct clinical state that occurs in older men2 and smokers.

What Causes These Ibuprofen Side Effects?

The ibuprofen affected the production of hormones such as testosterone. Doctors say the condition was mild and temporary, but fear that if used for longer periods the ibuprofen could have an even more adverse effect.

David Møbjerg Kristensen, one of the authors of the study told the New York Post;

Our lab tests show that when you hit the testes with a compound like ibuprofen, it results in a reduction in all the main male hormones. The major concern is, of course, male fertility and how it is affected by chronic use.

In this study, the researchers looked at 31 men’s cells and parts of the human testes over 6 weeks. They found that ibuprofen decreases men's natural testosterone levels.

On the other hand, they discovered that the pituitary gland had to increase production of another hormone in order to keep up a man’s level of testosterone.

The bad news, this process put more load on the pituitary gland causing it to overwork. If this process is keeping on going for long-term, it will eventually develop a more serious condition.

If you go on and stress the pituitary gland over the long term, this state could become permanent and you develop a more serious condition.

Short-term intake of ibuprofen, on the other hand, may not pose this risk. Moreover, scientists now have a plan of carrying out a long-term study to determine ibuprofen side effects on sperm quality.

Take Home Message

Ibuprofen along with its similar counterparts are very common in today's society. One can buy ibuprofen over the counter. It is so common that most people take this medication for granted. In fact, ibuprofen has been found as an alternative to opioids3 used in hospitals.

Therefore, the take-home message from the experts is not to abuse it and only take it in smallest dosage over the shortest period of time. Another potential side effect of abusing ibuprofen is a heart attack. As a matter of fact, there was a call to increase tougher restrictions on this kind of drug.

Ibuprofen is not bad. In fact, it’s useful when taken appropriately. In one study, researchers found that ibuprofen may block damage from fetal alcohol exposure.

Clearly, ibuprofen is beneficial. But one thing everyone should keep in mind… don’t abuse it. If you’re going to take it, do so at a small dosage at shortest duration possible.

Natural Ways To Relieve Pains

If you feel you’re in need of a pain reliever for long-term use, opt for natural options. One of the best options you can take is to check your diet and make sure you’re not eating unhealthy foods.

If you don’t have any idea to get started, check the list of the recent diet trends compiled by a panel of health experts.

At the top of the list includes the anti-inflammatory diets such as the DASH and Mediterranean diets. Foods can truly change one’s life especially those with chronic pains.

Hence, it’s time to include nuts and dark green leafy vegetables in your diet today. Of course, don’t forget to consume a wide variety of fruits, too.

Basically, choose foods that can boost your mood, or perhaps, go for those foods known for their aphrodisiac property.

Natural Anti-Inflammatory

If there’s one potent and well-studied anti-inflammatory4 5 that comes naturally from nature, it’s turmeric.


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