5 Surprising Healthy Signs and Benefits of Flatulence (Farts)


Farting is a normal reaction of the human body. Even animals fart, too. Perhaps, all living organisms that have a digestive similar to humans do fart.

Of course, there are certain foods that make you fart excessively. But as a normal reaction to the body, normal farting has health benefits.

So, let’s explore these health benefits of farting.


Healthy Signs and Benefits of Farting

Previously, we’ve talked about a report on the healing powers of farts. Unfortunately, it was taken out of context from one particular study.

But, right now, it’s the real deal. Let us look at the beneficial effect of farting in the body. On the other hand, it would be difficult to convince uninitiated people about it.

Regardless you will people farting is OK as it is a normal body reaction, particularly the digestive system, most people are uncomfortable talking about. Most people consider it odd and gross especially when it smells very bad.

But let us look at the good side of it.

Flatulence healthy symptoms
Surprising Healthy Signs of Farting

1. Your Diet Is Healthy and Well-Balanced

A normal fart, meaning it does not come with a bad smell means your eating right. The foods you eat have influence on the amount and type of fart or flatulence your body creates.

For example, foods rich dietary fiber don’t let the body produce too much flatulence while eating excessive meats the body produces farts with foul smell.

Right now, you may not be conscious of it. But, as you become more conscious when your farts smells bad or not, you will be able to link it the foods you are eating.

Eventually, you will be able to make adjustments in your diet to avoid foul-smelling farts and eventually making you healthy.

2. You Have A Healthy Gut

The gut housed a good community of bacteria, which is responsible for maintaining the health and wellness of the entire body. Furthermore, a healthy gut boils down to eating a healthy diet.

A Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist, Purna Kashyap says that eating foods that trigger gas is the only way for the gut microbes to obtain the nutrients.

The gut must have a proper balance of bacteria to keep things in order and function appropriately. Purna Kashyap adds;

A healthy individual can have up to 18 flatulence per day and be perfectly normal.


3. Indication Of A Healthy Colon

Colorectal or colon cancer is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. The colon is part of the gastrointestinal tract, and having a healthy gut means a healthy colon, too.

Earlier, we’ve learned that flatulence indicates a healthy gut, and the only way to achieve it is through a healthy diet. All of these are interlinked or has a domino effect.

Letting yourself fart naturally whenever it is necessary keeps the colon clean and healthy. Holding farts is terrible and can eventually cause problems inside the colon.

Holding farts for too long can lead to diverticula, these are small pouches in the wall lining of the colon. Over the long run, infection happens to these pouches resulting in diverticulitis.

Hence, if you feel like farting, let it go. If you worried about the smell, isolate yourself from the group or go to the toilet if you’re in an office.

If you have foul-smelling farts, you might want to be conscious of what you eat next time. Choosing the right foods to eat for the sake of not having foul-smelling farts can eventually make you healthy.


4. Health and Wellness Alert

When you know that farts are normal reactions of the body, it can serve as a health alarm. If your farts happen very frequently, smelly, and even introduces pains, these are signs that something not right is happening inside the gut.

One of the known things that can introduce it is dairy products. When you experience these conditions while consuming dairy, it means you are intolerance to lactose.

In other cases, it could mean symptoms that indicate more severe problems in the colon.

5. Reduce Bloating

Perhaps, one of the essential benefits of farting is to reduce bloating. It is a condition in which the stomach feels like a balloon expanding slowly due to trapped air inside. Technically, bloating is gas trapped inside the gut.

Bloating is terrible and uncomfortable. The only way to release this tension is through farting. Hence, the more often you fart usually, the less to no bloating you have.

Final Thoughts

Even a gross and unexpected bodily reaction can be a sign of good health provided, it is normal.

In the case of farts, many people consider it gross and don’t even want to talk about it. But in reality, they feel good about it when they do it.

It is similar to burping, but abnormal and painful burping can be a symptom of a health issue.

On the other hand, typical burps make you feel good and can also reduce bloating.

Our body has intelligence, and if we listen to what it is telling us, it makes us easy to make adjustments in our habits and lifestyles for better health.


  1. “For example, foods rich dietary fiber don’t let the body produce too much flatulence while eating excessive meats the body produces farts with foul smell.”

    Couldn’t disagree more with this quote more! Gas is the by-product of the digestion of normally indigestible dietary fibre by the bacteria residing in the lower gut. As someone who has been both exclusively vegan (nothing but fibre) and a meat/fish/dairy/eggs eater (no fruit/veg thus little to no fibre), I can testify that I farted a lot less on the latter diet than on the former and that those farts were largely odourless (as was solid waste).

    I also share toilet facilities with people at work who are vegetarians to various degrees and can attest that following one of these individuals to the toilet poses a pungent assault on my olfactory senses and severely tests my vomit reflex! It would also seem that passing solid waste for these individuals is a gassily explosive affair judging by the way the toilet bowls are “pebble-dashed”!


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