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5 Healthy Habits To Extend Your Lifetime For 10 More Years

Aiming to achieve longevity is probably, one of the primary goals of every human being. However, living longer is not enough. Aiming for longevity means also aiming to live a good quality of life.

This means, living long is only a part of the entire equation. Living a healthy and good quality life should be considered, too. Fortunately, it is possible to achieve both by simply changing and shifting towards healthy lifestyle habits and practices.

5 Habits That Can Extend Your Lifetime

A recent study1 in the journal of Circulation finds that these 5 habits can extend a person’s lifetime by 10 years. These 5 healthy habits are truly solid when it comes to achieving both longevity and wellness.

As a matter of fact, most people know these healthy habits already either consciously or unconsciously. Anyone who wants to live a long and healthy life should follow these healthy lifestyle habits.

Although the findings of this study are based on U.S. populations, they’re also applicable to any culture all over the globe.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle could substantially reduce premature mortality and prolong life expectancy in US adults.

1. Don’t Smoke or Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

CNN reports that this factor is the strongest among the 5 habits.

It looks like cigarette smoking has a more powerful effect than the other lifestyle changes or behaviors. Certainly, maintaining a reasonable body-mass index is a great way to protect oneself against the development of diabetes. –Dr. Douglas Vaughan

Truly, cigarette smoking is deadly. It may not kill a smoker immediately, but its effects silently build up and make health worst. Even smoking a single stick of cigarette a day is not safe.

It causes damage to the body at DNA level. And, if you think vaping is safe, think again!

2. Maintain an Ideal BMI(Body Mass Index)

Don’t get confused about this as it simply means maintaining a healthy or ideal weight. Every person has different sizes; some are small and short while others are tall and big. Regardless of our physique, each has each own unique ideal weight.

Maintaining an ideal body mass index is one of the measures of determining ideal weight. Although some experts don’t agree on the effectiveness of BMI. This is why some experts resort to the waist-to-height ratio.

Extra bodyweight particularly fat accumulation around the belly is bad. It can lead to many metabolic disorders including sexual health problems in men.

3. Regular Moderate to Vigorous Exercise

Regular Exercise

Maintaining physical activity is just as vital as maintaining a healthy diet. In fact, a sedentary lifestyle is just as deadly as cigarette smoking.

Hence, exercise regularly. If you don’t have time to exercise, opt for HIIT or high-intensity interval training. It is the top fitness trend in 2018 and probably beyond. Prioritize your health and fitness with this type of exercise.

Moreover, do any of the quick full body workouts especially those using bodyweight. Preferring bodyweight exercises allows you to do it anywhere without special types of equipment and even a gym membership.

Regular exercise slows down the aging process. Even simple movements like walking and running count as effective anti-aging exercises. And, of course, dancing.

Furthermore, regular exercise has many benefits including maintaining motor skills in seniors, boosts memory and even improve sex life. It’s hard to believe but exercise has a natural viagra-like effect.

4. Minimize or Abstain From Alcohol Consumption

You might think a single daily shot of alcohol is safe enough but it is not. It may be helpful to have a shot of red wine every weekend but definitely, don’t overdo it.

Even if the Mediterranean diet recommends red wine, you better opting eating the grapes, instead. Although there is one study that found alcohol consumption may boosts memory retention, the negative effects outweigh it.

5. Maintain Eating A Healthy Diet

Finally, good nutrition matters. Regardless you do all of the above and you’re eating unhealthily, you won’t get away its consequences. Therefore, as part of your healthy lifestyle equation, always include good nutrition.

There are plenty of diets to start with including the Mediterranean and DASH diets. Additionally, the ketogenic diet is another great option especially for brain health.

Unusual Longevity Tips

Certainly, the ones above are truly the winners when it comes to achieving longevity. But one man has a trick for his longevity, and it’s picking a good wife. While it may seem bizarre, it makes sense as happiness contributes to staying healthy and living longer.

Another thing worth considering is making social connections and keeping yourself busy. Of course, being busy alone is not enough. So, make sure you’re also productive.


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