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Your Sleep Position Can Either Improve or Harm Your Health

Getting and maintaining quality sleep is vital for health and well-being. While it is highly significant to consider diet and exercise, you should not neglect your sleep position.

Sleep positions vary from person-to-person. But are there a particular sleep position we should consider sticking to?

Sleeping Position Influences Your Health

Common sleep positions include sleeping on the side, stomach and back sleepers. The Sleep Better Council warns people who are stomach sleepers.

Sleep experts say that sleeping on your stomach exerts a strain on lower back, and can potentially cause neck pain. This is true that certain sleep positions have some effect on one’s health.

Furthermore, some people who have health problems may experience a worsening condition due to certain sleep positions. To explain more, here is SciShow.

So, What’s The Best Sleep Position?

Well, there is no specific best sleeping position. However, you should avoid certain sleep positions if you suffer from certain illnesses. Particularly, some people experience an aggravating heartburn when sleeping on their side.

So, people with heartburn, sleeping on their left side would be a better option. Some experts say that sleeping on your left side may improve blood circulation. Whether it is true or not, no studies have been done on it, yet.

Therefore, the best sleeping position depends and varies from person-to-person. As long as you are waking up energize without aches and pains, then, you slept in your best sleep position.

Moreover, avoiding unhealthy sleeping habits is just as important as finding your best sleeping position. One thing you should avoid at all cost is sleep deprivation as it causes a wide array of unhealthy consequences.

Even with just a depriving yourself of sleep for just one night, the effect is apparent on your skin. If you have difficulty getting sleep, try these tricks. Or, perhaps, try sleeping naked.

One more thing you need to know about sleep is that women need more sleep than men. And, for men, getting enough sleep every night is beneficial for prostate health.


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