Hangover Cures – 6 Tips To Handling And Easing Symptoms of Hangovers


Men and even women, there are times when hangover happened after a party or weekend get together with friends. These tips are in no way an endorsement for drinking, but suggestions for hangover cures.

The next time you get into trouble with hangover symptoms from time to time, these hangover cures and tips can be useful.

In order to maintain good health, you should avoid being an alcoholic. A few shots may not be harmful during the weekend, but going beyond that to a point where it makes you feel sick is not good.

Keep in mind, alcohol is one of the beverages or foods to avoid if you want your sexual health in top shape. In addition, alcohol can cause a temporary erectile dysfunction.

Quick Hangover Cures

Through experience, although I don’t drink anymore, I can still recall the various hangover cures that work for me. In the past, getting a hangover is terrible.

So, if you’re experiencing hangovers, try any of these hangover cures. These work for many, there’s higher chances it will work for you, too.

1. Maintain Hydration

When it comes to hydration, water is always the best. It becomes more effective if you mix a 50:50 ratio of water and orange juice.

The orange juice is rich in vitamin C and contains about 10% carbohydrates. Some people add salt to the water in order to increase hydration, but if you’re hydrating due to a hangover, it may not be a good idea drinking alcohol already raised the blood pressure and adding salt may simply worsen it.

2. Self-Medication

Paracetamol is the best when it comes to self-medication, but ibuprofen is considered better for headaches and muscle pains associated with a hangover.

On the other hand, aspirin inhibits blood clotting, so increases the risk of brain hemorrhage.

3. Clean Up Yourself

When the body has excess alcohol it can cause sweating. Hence, take a shower but not too cold as the alcohol has a lowering temperature effect already.

4. Eat Carbs

Excessive alcohol in the body can lower blood sugar resulting to a cold sweat.

Eating carbs will help reverse it, but make sure it’s the healthy carbs or complex carbohydrates from whole foods.

5. Stop the Spinning Feeling

Alcohol causes the feel of a spinning room. This worsens when you’re lying down. So, instead of lying just sit with your head between the legs. This is also one of the techniques to getting rid of vertigo.

The inner ear is responsible for balancing, but perturbed by alcohol when you’re drunk. Rocking back and forth while groaning also helps stop the spinning feeling.

6. Vomit or Sweat It Out

One of the most effective ways of taking excess alcohol out of the body is by drinking coconut water.

Note that you should aim at drinking pure coconut water without additives. Whenever possible, always drink fresh coconut water.

It will make you sweat and feels good. In some cases, after drinking the coconut water, you’ll vomit and it feels so good and a hangover is over.

Something Your Friends Might Recommend

And, let’s not forget that some people recommend drinking a little more the next day in order to alleviate the hangover.

That works, but personally, I don’t like the idea. You want to get rid of the alcohol you’ve taken the previous day, and you don’t want to add more. Instead, pick anyone of these hangover cures and try it yourself.

Perhaps, take it as a lesson and be careful next time not to overdrink because if you do, the cycle will be repeated.


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