A Growth Mindset Ensures Success And Control Of Your Life


It’s obvious that there are only a few people belong to the high achievers level. Even though most people (if not all) want to have a successful life and yet only a few manage to be in that ideal spot of life. One psychologist says having and developing a growth mindset is vital for success.

Of course, it is wrong to ignore that self-confidence, determination and developing a plan for success are all helpful. However, none of these matters when a person has no growth mindset.

Carol Dweck, a Standford psychologist, and author of the book Mindset(The New Psychology of Success) says there are two types of mindsets.

Fixed vs Growth Mindset

Fixed vs Growth Mindset

Dweck says the two types of mindsets are fixed and growth mindsets. Let us quickly go over these two mindsets as it is vital to your success.

Choosing and sticking to a fixed mindset results to no development and stuck in life living in a rat race lifestyle.

In a nutshell, fixed mindset means someone who is stuck in a predetermined approach to life. Here some examples of an individual who has a fixed mindset;

  • Gives up easily when things do not go as planned.
  • Always and tend to avoid tasks and challenges requiring extra effort.
  • A strong motivation to prove what they know as an avoidance of failure.
  • Does not want to listen to negative feedback or criticism.
  • Feels jealous and threatened when others achieve success.

On the other hand, a growth mindset is an individual who sees a dynamic approach to life. In other words, he or she adapt very effectively and quickly to what is happening around and find opportunity from it.

An individual who develops a growth mindset has the following attributes;

  • Have the ability to see or turn failures into opportunities.
  • Develops and possess persistence and determination defeat, misfortune and other setbacks.
  • Always have the desire to seek out challenges for the purpose of growth.
  • Listen and have an open mind approach towards criticism and negative feedbacks as an opportunity to grow.
  • Always seeks and finds inspiration from other growth mindset people.

Furthermore, in one TED Talks, Dweck explains more about what is a growth mindset?

Growth Mindset Applies In Any Areas of Life

Whether you’re a student, an employee, a boss or even an average individual, developing a growth mindset is vital. We, humans want to grow and even the plants and animals do. It is natural for us to seek growth.

Now, for men who are into penis enlargement, a growth mindset is helpful. Having a growth mindset develops faith, which eventually develops more confidence.

Moreover, both growth mindset and self-confidence can lead to the feeling of being grateful. It attracts many positive things in life that can result in success. In a penile enhancement journey, regardless you are using one or a combination of methods including using a penis pump or penis extender, having a journal is important.

Journalling tracks your progress even the smallest progress. The more you’re grateful for your small achievements can help maintain that motivation to continue. This eventually lead to maintaining self-discipline, which is a part of a growth mindset and eventually leading you to achieve desirable results.

Moreover, anything you want to progress and success in life, developing a growth mindset is always vital. Even your financial or money goals, you should have a dynamic approach to growth.

Unfortunately, not everyone is born with this type of mindset. However, the good news is anyone can develop it. Although it cannot be achieved overnight, the secret to developing such type of success mindset happens over time.


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