3 Known Benefits of Gratitude Attitude Towards Self-Confidence


Probably, one of the beneficial attitudes towards health and self-confidence is gratitude. Most people tend to neglect small things and only grateful for big things that happen to them. However, paying gratitude attitude to small positive changes can do wonders.

As matter of fact, gratitude attitude is one of the rejuvenating lifestyle changes you can make starting today. It is particularly rejuvenating when you do it first thing every morning upon waking up.

Now, we’ll explore the three benefits of making gratitude attitude a habit on how it can boost your self-confidence. Furthermore, cultivating the gratitude attitude is good for your heart.

Known Benefits Of Gratitude Attitude On Confidence

Cultivating the habit of being grateful is life-changing. It is a habit that not only affect personal confidence positively but also health and well-being.

But, here we’ll explore how being grateful can boosts your confidence. Practicing gratitude habit involves mental work. For most people, it looks easy but difficult to sustain.

However, with constant effort on doing it, it’s really possible. And, once you get into the habit of being grateful, you’ll notice positive changes in your confidence gradually.

1. Gratitude Enhances Self-Esteem

Now, you might be thinking, isn’t it self-esteem and gratitude similar? Well, while both have similarity, they’re different. Self-esteem refers to how you feel about yourself. Self-esteem is more like self-love.

Regardless how bad your skin, eyes, or whatever discrepancies you’ve got right now, you still feel good about yourself. Self-esteem evolves from your own experiences and situations, which shaped how you look and feel about yourself.

Self-confidence, on the other hand, is how good you feel about what you can do. It also refers to how good you feel that you can things you really know. This can either be a skill you have at work or a knowledge of solving math problems.

Practicing gratitude attitude means appreciating what you have such as attributes, abilities, and qualities. Being grateful includes giving value to your day-to-day contributions to your family and community regardless how small or big they are.

Moreover, the habit of practicing gratitude eventually boost your self-esteem as it decreases envy. Since you feel good about yourself, what you have and your ability, you tend not to compare yourself to other people.

It makes you more of being yourself rather than looking the good of others and comparing it to yours. Eventually, this results in stability financially, success and ability to connect socially.

Being grateful means feeling happy, which is essential to cultivating self-esteem and boost self-confidence.

2. Gratitude Makes Relationships Better and Happier

One of the reasons relationships fail is looking for someone to fills up what one lacks. Instead be grateful and appreciate the qualities of your partner.

Moreover, people who have the habit of being grateful feel closer to other people, or the community, in general. Plus, aside they tend to give a portion of their money, as well as time. Once you get into the habit of gratitude attitude, you start to care about others.

And, there’s an additional benefit of giving care to others as study finds it is linked with longevity. Furthermore, the more you care and reach out to others, the happier you become. As a matter of fact, social connections is one of the keys to happiness and longevity.

This has a boomerang effect when it comes to your personal and romantic relationship especially if both couples do the same thing. A strong social connection surrounding your romantic relationship can easily dissipate loneliness and feelings of isolation.

Gratitude truly improves relationships whether it be romantic, or with the community.

3. Overcomes Loneliness

Loneliness when sustained for long period of time can be as deadly as smoking. However, instead of focusing on feeling lonely and empty, appreciating the small things that you have can make a difference.

Being thankful that you’re able to wake this morning and took a bath is something to be grateful for. Loneliness is a killer and can even result to depression, which is even more worse. One study1 says that loneliness and depression are internliked in a dynamic relationship.

Fortunately, becoming active particularly in community and of course, being grateful are among the natural ways to overcome loneliness. In another study2, researchers find that gratitude demonstrates a link with increased happiness, social desirability, and satisfaction in life.

The researchers add;

…gratitude seems to work as an influential moderator of loneliness feelings, accounting for up to almost one-fifth of its variability, thus suggesting the potential benefits of gratitude for promoting social bonds.

Final Thoughts

Have you noticed it for yourself that life is so much easier if you’re at ease? Take a few moments to recall when you feel at ease on what thing you were grateful at that moment.

If you can’t recall any, well, try to be grateful of something right now and feel good about it. Notice the good vibration that happens to your entire body. It’s like an orgasm, isn’t it?

When you feel at ease, you’ll walk with head up high, graceful and poise. And, what about confidence? The more you let yourself experience the amazing feeling of gratitude, self-confidence becomes natural to you. Just as air natural to breathing, confidence is always there when you need it on demand.


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