Live A Long Life Giving Care To Others


Longevity topic is one of today’s hottest topics. There are many studies trying to find the real fountain of youth. Certainly, there are ways that can help a person live longer such as a compound found in Pomegranates, and autophagy, which is can be achieved via intermittent fasting and caloric restriction.

Caring For Others Makes You Live Longer

Helping and caring for other people is not just a praiseworthy endeavor, but it has benefits beyond that. One study published in the Evolution and Human Behavior1 finds that caring for others has a positive effect on longevity. Giving care does not necessarily mean becoming a caregiver. In fact, in this study, researchers looked at grandparents who care their grandchildren and even older adults outside the family.

This is not the first study to show the link between caring and longevity. A previous study2 also found that caring has a positive impact on longevity. Additionally, grandparents who look after their grand children experienced an improved cognitive function.

What’s different on this recent study is that it finds that regardless the giving care to a family member or outside of the family, it has a similar positive effect on longevity.

Other Factors To Consider

While the studies mentioned didn’t look at the subjects’ diet and lifestyle, both play a huge factor for longevity. For instance, obesity, which is the result of unhealthy habits has a negative effect not only overall health but also on brain health. It is difficult to live a long life while having an impaired cognition.

Regular physical activity or exercise is another factor, which is both a memory booster and anti-aging. So, show your love and care to anyone you know who need it most.

Of course, when you give care to others, you should not forget to take care of yourself first. In fact, this is important as one cannot give the care if he or she doesn’t know how to care himself or herself. This is somewhat being selfish but in a good way. The more you know how to take care of yourself, the better the care you can give to others.

Other things worth considering when taking care of yourself includes quitting smoking, avoiding or minimizing alcohol, and aim to have a good quality sleep.


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