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The ONE Secret To A Fulfilling And Successful Relationship

Achieving a successful and fulfilling relationship depends on certain factors. Of course, having sex this many times in a week is one of them. This is why maintaining a better sex is just as helpful. Of course, open communication is another one especially for a long-distance relationship.

But, what if there is another factor that can significantly help in achieving a fulfilling and happy relationship?

The Most Significant Factor For A Long-Lasting Relationship

While sex and communication play an essential role in keeping the relationship fresh and exciting, study finds another important factor. One study1 in the National Bureau of Economic Research says that friendship between partners matters most.

Moreover, the researchers also discovered regardless whether married or not as long as the couple living together are best friends, they’re happy. This makes sense with a man’s secret to longevity by picking a good wife. Of course, happiness is one of the factors of longevity.

Even one study finds that getting married and having kids is helpful in achieving longevity. It looks like the real secret to it is friendship.

This is interesting as friendship is staging point of a relationship. Eventually, this friendship stage evolves into a more interesting relationship, which is marriage.

Why Friendship Between Couples Matters?

While it’s true that communication and respect even without sex yet are keys to a peaceful relationship, friendship is always there. It is unfortunate that some couples today live together without the spirit of friendship.

When friendship is out in a relationship, it is difficult to communicate, which eventually leads to misunderstandings and unpleasant treatments between partners.

Most people will agree that a friend is someone not only to depend on but to talk to. Probably, this is one primary reason some men and women are closer to their friends than (supposed to be) his or her romantic partner.

We’ve seen many of these people who are in this type of situation. Hence, the findings of this study can be very helpful for couples seeking a fulfilling, successful and happy relationship. Even the former First Lady Michelle Obama agrees.

Final Thoughts

Today, especially the young people in their teenage years think they are ready to take responsibilities of marriage. On the other hand, they have no idea of changing a relationship system that makes their relationship lasts.

Therefore, regardless you’re thinking of getting married or not, always keep in mind that being a good friend to your partner is vital. When the spirit of friendship prevails, it significantly contributes to making the relationship success, happy and lasting.


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