Fruit Juices Are Bad For Your Health And May Cause Early Death


When it comes to sugary beverages like sodas, many people are aware of harmful effects. However, even fruit juices or juices extracted from fruits are not healthy at all.

In one recent study1, researchers say that regular consumption of fruit juices may result in early death.

These findings suggest that consumption of sugary beverages, including fruit juices, is associated with all-cause mortality.

JAMA Netw Open. 2019;2(5):e193121. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2019.3121

Extracting Fruit Juices Increases Sugar Concentration

It is tempting to drink fruit juices as it comes naturally from fruits. Well, it is not the case. 

The whole fruit itself contains the pulp, dietary fibers and along with its juice contents provide all the nutrients for the body. For instance, the natural sugar is absorb by the body gradually when it is consumed as whole fruit.

It is due to the dietary fibers that get involve during the process of digestion.

However, extracting the juice from fruits increases its sugar concentration as it removes the dietary fiber, pulp and other good stuff except the juice.

Plus, juice makers may add some additives as preservative including additional sugar to further sweeten the juice. It is because the sweeter the juice, the more people will buy it.

If you want to ensure your fruit juice is 100% pure fruit juice, squeeze the fruit yourself and make your own fresh fruit juice.

Fruit Juice Consumption May Cause Early Death
Extracted Fruit Juices Have High Sugar Concentration

Minimize Sugar Consumption

Perhaps, the most effective way to minimize sugar consumption is to avoid bottled fruit juices.

We would never know if these juices are 100% pure or they’re just infused with fruit flavors and sweetened with sugars.

It may not be bad at all when consumed occasionally but drinking it daily several times a day is not right.

Moreover, consuming a high amount of sugar is not just linked to early death but bad for the kidneys. Additionally, a study also showed that diet sodas could cause blindness in diabetic individuals.

Other unhealthy consequences of too much sugar include heart disease and allergies, even in unborn children.

Final Thoughts

If you are a healthy individual, occasional fruit juice consumption may not be bad. However, for someone who has some sort of health problems and eating a bad diet, drinking fruit juice may worsen the condition.

Therefore, instead of relying on fruit juices especially commercially available bottled fruit juices, squeeze whole fruits by yourself and make your own fresh juice.

Even better, eat the fruit instead of focusing on the consumption of its juice. Consuming the entire fruit like orange, you will be able to eat the pulp that contains the dietary fiber, which is beneficial to many bodily processes.


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