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Fathers Influence Their Daughter More Than Mothers

It is true that nothing can surpass a mother’s love for her child. In fact, a mother-child relationship whether it be a son or daughter is priceless. However, there is something unique occurs between a father and his relationship to his daughter.

Dad and Daughter Relationship

In one study, researchers found that when a man enters fatherhood it causes positive changes in his brain. Furthermore, another study says that fathers tend to have more influence on their daughters than mothers.

When it comes to single parenting, it is obvious that there are more single moms than dads. Although the number of single dads is also rising.

For so many years, we’ve heard and witness single moms raising children especially a daughter. But one study in the Journal of Family Psychology finds that fathers are a good parent, too. Particularly, girls or daughters enjoy most of the benefit of having her dad around.

Dad’s Influence On Daughter’s Emotional Development

Daughters do not only enjoy the benefit of having their dad around but also enjoy the father’s influence on emotional development.

Girls having good relationships with their dads have a lower risk of experiencing anxiety and depression. Moreover, with their father’s guidance and influence, they are able to handle stress better on a day-to-day basis.

Furthermore, girls or daughters feel more comfortable talking about their emotions and feelings. Later in life, this sort of emotional development allows them to be well-prepared in having a satisfying and fulfilling relationship.

This study suggests that dads have the power to better prepare their daughters for controlling their future lives. Moreover, it also helps girls prepare and nurture their personal values like sexuality, relationship, and self-image.

The shaping of a deep father-daughter relationship creates a positive image allowing her to establish a sense of control over her life. This enables her to develop self-confidence and achieve success.

Health and Security

The University of Chicago Press Journals in their Social Service Review says there is a link between non-resident fathers and food insecurity. It is a fact, that dad is the breadwinner of the family. Although, there amazing single moms who handle this matter very well, too.

Fortunately, one study by Rutgers University finds that even a dad is not living in the family, it can lower the risk of food insecurity by simply staying active in getting involved in the child’s life.

Additionally, if the non-resident dad provides beyond financial support, it can help further in reducing food insecurity.

Getting Involve Earlier

The earlier dad gets involved in her daughter’s need, the stronger the relationship becomes later in life. Of course, all these can lead to the both of the benefits such as emotional development and security.

Today, getting involved earlier is so much easier for dads. Besides being the breadwinner of the family, dads can get involved in changing diapers, preparing milk or even extracting mom’s milk for the child.

Also, when it comes to making the baby sleep, dads have a role to play, as well. In fact, rocking the baby to sleep is another great way to create a strong bond in the beginning.


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