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Intermittent Fasting Regenerates Pancreas Of Diabetics

One of the most effective diet for detoxing, boosting testosterone, and even slow down aging is intermittent fasting. One recent study1 finds intermittent fasting can regenerate diabetic pancreas.

It may not be appropriate to call it a diet, but let’s just call it that way. After all, most people are into dieting. So, why not put a good use of that word with something useful and effective.

How Does Intermittent Fasting Regenerates Pancreas?

Valter Longo explains how intermittent fasting can regenerate diabetic pancreas.

Although the present study findings are based on animals, Longo and his team have a plan to conduct a clinical trial on humans.

Intermittent fasting is also known as caloric restriction diet. This is good news for those who are diabetics. Regardless of the availability of an artificial pancreas, why not try this natural option to regenerate pancreas.

After all, fasting is safe. Just like yoga and meditation, fasting is an ancient practice. While in those days it was used for religious purposes, today it has been shown effective for health and wellness.

Caloric restriction is also appropriate for weight loss purposes. Additionally, another study2 finds it is also beneficial for invididuals with risk of developing cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Hence, as part of your effort in seeking ways to boost heart health, why not include intermittent fasting as part of your healthy lifestyle.

This is not the first study to find benefits of intermittent fasting on diabetics. One study3 back in 1984 also had similar positive findings.

Fasting on Cancer

Valter Longo spends his studies on the benefits of fasting. He finds that doing fasting or a fasting-like diet can boost the body’s immune system against cancer.

Here’s a conversation with Valter Longo about fasting and its health benefits.

Fasting on Obesity

Obesity is now a global epidemic, and one of tackling it is through intermittent fasting4. Abdominal fat is not just sitting there, but an active toxic to the body.

In fact, research finds that belly fat has an unhealthy effects on the brain. In 2013, one study5 suggest that intermittent fasting improves brain function.

One study6 in 1987 finds that it has positive effects on metabolism. This suggest that one of the ways to improve metabolism is to do fasting.


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