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Experts Report A Health Risk of Energy Drink Consumption

Many people are using energy drinks to improve their productivity and performance. It may seem to work. However, energy drinks are loaded with caffeine and sugar.

While caffeine is not bad in moderation, energy drinks contain high amount caffeine, as well as sugar.

Experts Say Energy Drinks May Damage Blood Vessels

A news briefing by the American Heart Association says, drinking just one energy drink may hurt functionality of the blood vessels.

Now, the reality is many men and women not only consume one but multiple energy drinks in a day. Consider that amount when one consumes daily for 30 days.

Even the NIH recognizes that energy drinks have bad consequences on human health.

A growing body of scientific evidence shows that energy drinks can have serious health effects, particularly in children, teenagers, and young adults.

A previous study1 also found that energy drinks have adverse effects on;

What The Experts Found?

The study included 44 healthy, non-smoking medical students in their 20s. The researchers tested the effect of a 24-ounce energy drink on cells lining blood vessels, called endothelial cells.

In this study, researchers took 44 healthy and non-smoking medical students who are in their 20’s. When the reseachers tested the effect of a 24 oz energy drink on the students, the energy drink has negative effect on endothelial cells. These are the cell lining in the blood vessels.

In just 90 minutes of consuming the energy drink, blood vessels internal diameter shrunk dramatically.

The shrinking of the blood vessels diameter may be related to the energy drink’s ingredients like taurine, caffeine, sugar and among many others as experts suggested. For instance, Taurine has been touted to boost energy is actually an amino acid extracted from bull semen. Probably, this is one of the reasons one energy drink call their brand Red Bull.

Healthy and Safe Alternatives

Now, you might be asking, if energy drinks are dangerous to health, why they’re being sold conspicuously in supermarkets and convenience stores?

Well, it is due to an aggressive marketing which can be traced back in 2004. Plus, energy drinks lack taxation and regulation.

So, what are the alternatives? Here are among the safe and natural ways to boost your energy and maintain good health.

  1. Eat energy-boosting foods.
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Replace your sugary drinks with plain drinking water.
  4. Consider your diet.
  5. Detoxification

This is a small study looking only at acute effects and cannot be considered proof that energy drinks injure the cardiovascular system over time.

There are far better ways to boost energy, such as standing up and getting a bit of exercise. In the absence of a reliable benefit, even a low level of risk is objectionable.


Of course, the industry spokesperson has something to say;

Mainstream energy drinks contain about half the caffeine of a similarly sized cup of coffeehouse coffee, and have been extensively studied and confirmed safe for consumption by government safety authorities worldwide. Nothing in this preliminary research counters this well-established fact.

Source: Healthday

However, keep this in mind that behind that quick energy boost are underlying health risks.


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