The Unhealthy Consequences of Divorce

Divorce has broken many families and lives. It has been linked to poor health. Moreover, divorced couples have a higher risk of premature death than those happily married. In fact, in a new study1, researchers find the unhealthy consequences of divorce.

In this new study by the researchers from the University of Arizona says that among the consequences after divorce include a greater likelihood of smoking and lower levels of exercise.

As we all know, smoking can lead to higher rates of developing various serious illnesses. Additionally, leaning towards less physical activity and even becoming sedentary is just as deadly as smoking.

Divorce Causes Heart Disease in Women
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Divorce Puts Women At High Risk of Heart Disease

The study by the University of Arizona researchers is not the first to link divorce to bad health. In an earlier study2, researchers found that divorce put women at higher risk of developing heart disease. Probably, it is due to stress caused by the divorce.

However, as the study says, it seems having a divorce once has no effect on men. However, when men go through twice or more divorce situations, the risk of heart attacks go up.

Divorce, particularly multiple divorces, is associated with a severe CAD, MVD, and LMD in women but not in men.

How To Prevent Divorce?

Perhaps, the most important thing in avoiding divorce is picking the right partner. If you are looking for a partner who might fill something on you, it could cause a failure in your relationship.

So, instead, find a partner that you are comfortable with. Someone who is in good chemistry as yours. A romantic relationship is not just about the attractiveness of physical appearance but possessing the right emotions and mindset.

Once you are into that kind of relationship, which you think and feel both of you are ready, maintain that sense of friendship all the time. That friendship in your relationship is what fuels a happier and more fulfilling romantic relationship.

Whenever certain problems may arise that you and your partner think it is out of your control, ask for help. There are professional sex therapists who can help solve your problems.

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