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Coffee May Help Reduce The Risks of Stroke and Heart Failure

Coffee has been known for its many health benefits such as prostate cancer risk reduction, boosts brain health and longevity. Moreover, caffeine in coffee has also been found beneficial for male sexual health.

Recently, the American Heart Association links drinking coffee to a reduction in stroke and heart failure.

The Study

In this recent study, researchers were using machine learning to analyze the data from the Framingham Heart Study1. Among the information that were analyzed include what people eat and cardiovascular condition.

The researchers found that every additional cup of coffee each week has increased benefit for heart health. Each additional cup is linked to decreased risk of heart failure by 7% and stroke by 8%.

However, the findings of this study are observational and do not prove cause and effect.

Our findings suggest that machine learning could help us identify additional factors to improve existing risk assessment models. The risk assessment tools we currently use for predicting whether someone might develop heart disease, particularly heart failure or stroke, are very good but they are not 100 percent accurate.

Coffee Is Good For Your Heart

Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a cardiologist, and advocate of grounding explains the health benefits of coffee for your heart.

Moreover, Dr. Mark Hyman also supports the health benefits of coffee. He explains more and even mentions the bulletproof coffee.

How To Make A Healthy Coffee?

A lot of people think that coffee is bad. However, not all coffee drinks are created equal. If you’re in a habit of drinking instant coffee especially those all-in-ones, then it’s a bad choice.

On the other hand, drinking freshly ground and brewed black coffee is a good and healthy choice. Additionally, be aware what you’re adding to your coffee. When it comes to sweetener, make sure you use brown sugar.

Moreover, if you can drink your black coffee without sugar, the better. Another great thing you can add to your coffee while staying away from sugar is coconut oil. In a bulletproof coffee, MCT oil is added.

However, in my case, I’m always using coconut oil and transfat-free butter as a creamier. On the other hand, if you feel acidic with conventionally brewed coffee, try cold brewing it.

Concern About Side Effects of Drinking Coffee

Coffee is a natural diuretic, which allows you to release more liquid in urine form. However, drinking more water solves this concern. Even better, try making yourself a lemon water and drink it.

Another concern about the side effects of drinking coffee is insomnia, or difficulty getting sleep at the right time. The effect of caffeine from coffee usually lasts up to 10 hours. Therefore, avoiding coffee after lunch allows your body to get rid of the caffeine before it’s for bed.

There are many more health benefits of drinking coffee including;

  • A boost in metabolism resulting in better fat and weight loss.
  • Caffeine improves endurance allowing you to exercise longer.
  • Coffee contains thousands of antioxidants useful for fighting aging-causing free radicals.
  • Lower risks of developing cancers like liver and rectal cancers.
  • Coffee contains essential nutrients including riboflavin(Vitamin B2), potassium, magnesium and more.
  • Drinking coffee can help fight depression.


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