Your Tight Underwear May Be Harming Your Sperms


There various factors that can affect male fertility in a negative way. Among these factors can include but not limited smartphones, certain medications, TV binging, stress and even gluten.

Plus, the debate continues as to whether tight underwear may affect a man’s fertility. One of the tips to improve erection quality is to wear loose underwear. So, is it better and helpful for improving sperm quality, too?

A recent study1 suggests that wearing loose boxer shorts increases sperm concentration.

Loose Boxer Shorts Increases Sperm Concentration

In this new study in the Journal of Human Reproduction, researchers find men wearing looser boxer shorts have higher sperm concentration. On the other hand, men wearing tight underwear have loser concentration.

The sperm concentration is the number of sperm per milliliter of semen. It is important to note that semen is different from sperm. The semen provides sperms some sort of lubrication and carry them from ejaculation into the woman’s vaginal canal.

It means that the more semen a man ejaculate does not directly equate higher sperm concentration. But when it comes to orgasm, men with more semen tends to experience more intense climaxes.

Moreover, sperm concentration is one of the few standard metrics of measuring male fertility.

Loose Boxer Shorts Increase Sperm Concentration

On the other hand, men who prefer wearing briefs or bikinis or other tight underwears have higher follicle-stimulating hormone than those wearing boxer shorts. This hormone stimulates sperm production.

Due to what they found, the researchers speculate this puts pressure on the testicles and make their work harder in order to produce sperms. Hence, resulting in a lower sperm production.

The lead author of the study Lidia Mínguez-Alarcón, research scientist at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health says to CNN;

Whether underwear choice affects sperm production has been a topic of research for several years. But this study is the first to investigate whether a man’s selection of undies affects his testicular function as measured in a number of ways, including reproductive hormones and DNA fragmentation.

Which One Do You Wear, Boxer or Brief?

Before you answer that question, let us look at some data in the study. In this study, lead researcher Lidia Mínguez-Alarcón recruited over 600 men with ages between 18 and 56 years old. The subjects answered a survey questionnaire about their underwear, as well as provided blood and semen samples.

Of all the men in this study, more than half reported wearing boxer shorts. Most of the men wearing boxer shorts are younger, slim and healthy. The group who wear boxer shorts have better stats than those who wear tight briefs

  • 25% higher sperm concentration
  • 17% higher sperm count
  • 33% more motile sperm, or swim better
  • 14% lower levels of follicle stimulating hormone

These statistics were taking considerations of other factors such as level of physical activity, smoking, and among other factors.

On the other hand, the researchers found no significant differences in DNA damage. Other reproductive hormones have also no significant differences between the boxer and bikini groups.

So, which one are you wearing or prefer to wear?

Better Sleep Naked

There are many health benefits of sleeping naked including better sperm quality. If you can’t sleep naked, at least wear loose boxer shorts.

Although it is possible to wear loose boxer shorts on a daily basis while at work, some men may not be comfortable at it. Hence, during night time when you go to sleep, give yourself a favor by sleeping naked, or wearing loose shorts.

If you care about improving your fertility, always consider the easier, healthier and more natural options. Among the natural routes improving male fertility include;

  • Cold showers
  • Taking male fertility-boosting supplements
  • Reduce exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Losing weight, if you’re overweight of obese
  • Exercise regularly 2 (beneficial for women, too3
  • Quit smoking 4 5
  • Minimize, or even better stop alcohol consumption 6

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