What To Eat To Keep Your Lungs Healthy and Young?


Our lungs are sacks of tissues sitting below our rib cage and just above the diaphragm. Of course, our bodies breathe to the lungs as part of the respiratory system, as well as the body’s waste management.

Normally, adults take 15 to 20 breaths per minute, which is equivalent to approximately 20,000 breaths per day. That is a huge task to do and yet we just do it normally and effortlessly.

This is why keeping the lungs healthy is essential. Having a sick pair of lungs can lead to difficulty in breathing and inability to get rid of toxins.

What To Do To Maintain Healthy Lungs?

Probably, most people will say not to smoke or quit smoking is the best way to keep the lungs healthy. While it is obviously true that smoking causes long-term damage to the lungs, there are other things that can make it sick.

For instance, air pollution around us, which pretty much a part of most urban places. Moreover, those airborne diseases from other people around us, which mostly transmitted through sneezing, for instance.

Fortunately, through an active lifestyle along with good nutrition, the lungs can easily keep up its health. And, here is another fact that as one age, health also tends to deteriorate.

However, one study says that eating grapes and berries is an essential way to keep the lungs healthy even on those older people. The researchers say that a type of flavonoid in dark-pigmented berries like blueberries and grapes could be valuable for lung health.

They say that the flavonoid may slow down the declining function of the lungs due to the aging process. The lead author of the study Vanessa Garcia-Larsen, Ph.D., says;

Our study suggests that the general population could benefit from consuming more fruits rich in these flavonoids like berries, particularly those who have given up smoking or have never smoked. For smokers, quitting remains the best thing they can do to protect their health.

Promising Findings

Although the study has limitations as it was only done on a relatively small size, the findings are promising. Moreover, while the findings are based on self-reported diets and eating habits, it shows somehow the importance of proper nutrition.

Hence, considering increasing fruits and vegetable intake is a practical and healthy idea. You might have heard how some of the superfoods we know like moringa and cinnamon are touted as aphrodisiacs.

In fact, many people consider them as natural alternatives to Viagra. They think that eating these types of foods give them a boost in their sexual function.

But the truth is these foods can offer an anti-aging benefit by boosting immunity and eventually, providing the body a healthful advantage.

However, as the lead author says, there is no workaround for smokers but to quit smoking. And, don’t just stick to eating berries but eat a wide variety of whole foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Whenever possible, always choose organic. If it’s difficult to obtain organic, then make sure to wash your fruits and veggies before eating them.

The Role of Exercise For Healthy Lungs

Clearly, regular exercise is essential for weight loss. But its health benefits do not stop there.

In fact, regular exercise offers a wide range of benefits like better brain function, slows down aging and of course, better lung function.


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