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Benefits of Taking Garlic Extract Supplement

Garlic is always present in everyone’s kitchen as it’s a key to cooking delicious meals. But, do you know aside from being a popular spice garlic has also many health benefits?

It is also considered as an effective natural aphrodisiac, or foods that can help boost sex drive. Garlic is also has anti-inflammatory property, which probably the reason it’s being touted as aphrodisiac.

Garlic Supplement Facts

Moreover, research discovered a carbohydrate derivative in garlic called FruArg beneficial for better cognitive function and may also be helpful in preventing and fighting Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases also known as degenerative diseases.

Some people have been eating garlic for health purposes like anti-aging and improving erection quality.

Fortunately, for those who are not eating much garlic in their daily diet, garlic extract is now available in supplementation form particularly aged garlic extract.

But before we get into supplementation, let’s cover some of the known health benefits in which garlic can offer.

  • Lowers Blood Pressure REF
  • Lowers Bad Cholesterol REF
  • Natural Hair Loss Remedy REF
  • Enhance Performance REF

Garlic Extract Supplementation

Nature's Bounty Garlic Pill

Garlic is now widely available in supplementation form as extract. The recommended dosage when taking garlic extract ranges from 300mg to 1000mg per day.

One of the top-selling garlic extract supplementation available today is Nature’s Bounty Odorless Garlic (1000mg), which is within the range of recommended dosage.

Taking garlic extract supplementation offers the following benefits;

  • Helps promote cardiovascular or heart health
  • Helps maintain ideal cholesterol levels
  • Contains beneficial antioxidant properties
  • In the case of Nature’s Bounty Odorless Garlic (No artificial flavor, color or sweetener)

What About Aged Garlic and Its Extract

Aged garlic is also known as sprouted garlic and has been discovered to have more health benefits than its fresh counterpart.

The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry says Garlic Sprouting Is Associated with Increased Antioxidant Activity and Concomitant Changes in the Metabolite Profile.

Researchers found garlic sprouted for 5 days contain higher antioxidant activity compare to fresh ones plus it possesses different metabolites indicating it can also produce different substances.

Due to this discovery researchers suggested garlic sprouting may be a useful method in boosting its antioxidant property.

In another study published in the Journal of Nutrition concluded;

AGE(Aged Garlic Extract) contains a wide range of antioxidants that can act in synergistic or additive fashion and protect cells against oxidative damage, thus helping to lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease and protect against toxic, tissue-damaging effects of ROS-producing radiation, including UV light, drugs used in therapy and chemicals in the environment and industry.

AGE(Aged Garlic Extract) is now also available in supplementation form, but you can just cook and eat them if you want.

When it comes to AGE supplement, Kyolic Garlic Cardiovascular Formula is probably the most popular. If you want to know more about garlic supplementation, you can check examine.com’s garlic supplement page.


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