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Bathmate Hydropump Maintains Penile Health and Increases Penis Size

The Bathmate pioneered the design of hydro or water-powered penis pumps. Initially, penis pumps are medical devices only with different names such as vacuum penile devices, vacuum constriction devices(VCD), and vacuum erectile devices(VED).

Bathmate Hydromax
Bathmate Hydromax

The FDA classifies penis pumps as a Class 2 medical device. It could potentially help men improve their sexual health as natural penile health therapy for improving erection hardness.

The Bathmate series of penis pumps such as the hydro, hydromax, and extreme series fall under Class 2 medical device classification proven effective for penile health therapy and penis enlargement purposes.

Old penis pump designs used air to create a vacuum causing to draw more blood penis, which is essential for achieving erections suitable for sexual activity.

Although the original air-powered pumps are practical and still use today, the Bathmate found a way to improve and innovate the design.

Using water to create a vacuum makes it more comfortable, and in most cases, provides better results than conventional air-powered penile pumps.

Hence, for better results, comfort and efficiency, the Bathmate is an excellent choice whether for penile health therapy or penis enlargement goals.

What Is The Bathmate And What Makes It Better?

All patients have a better or more satisfactory sexual experience. the bathmate is an effective therapy.

James Barada, urologist

Bathmate revolutionizes the way men do penis enlargement and penile health therapy. Conventional penis pumps used air to create the vacuum.

On the other hand, Bathmate penis pumps use water. To date, there are only a few penis pumps using water to create a vacuum, but Bathmate offers a wide range of models suited for various penis sizes.

Plus, an expert in the field of men’s health, a urologist recommends to his patients. He found it very useful and safe.

7 Key Benefits Of Using Bathmate Penis Pump Regularly

The Bathmate penis pumps are popular among men who do penis enlargement. But it is also recommended by a urologist as a penile health therapy for men who simply want to maintain better erection and amazing sexual performance.

Just like doing physical exercises, consistency in using the Bathmate can result in reaping amazing benefits. According to the Bathmate survey, 31 out of 52 men who used Bathmate regularly reported real penis size gains.

Benefits of Using Bathmate Penis Pump
Consistent and Regular Use of the Bathmate Is Key To Enjoying Long-Term Benefits

When you use the Bathmate penis pump regularly, you could enjoy the following benefits.

all patients have β€˜a better or more satisfactory sexual experience. bathmate maintains sexual health.

James barada, urologist
  1. The Bathmate penis pump uses water to create a vacuum. Using water instead of air to create the vacuum is more powerful and supports the whole penis shaft with uniform pressure allowing full and even enlargement of the penis both in girth and length.
  2. The new Bathmate penis pumps have patented bellows. It allows penis enlargement safety and steady growth over several stages. Also, fresh blood flows through the penis in each stage, flushing out the toxins that could lead to erectile problems.
  3. With regular use of the Bathmate pump, it can result in harder and longer-lasting erections, increased stamina, and of course, a bigger penis. In most cases, it helps in boosting or improving personal confidence.
  4. The Bathmate penis pumps have a built-in safety mechanism, which is an elastic recoil of the bellows in the pump. The safety mechanism creates a vacuum while generating an appropriate amount of force for safety purposes.
  5. The design of the Bathmate hydro pump complies with the maximum allowable vacuum force regulated by the FDA.
  6. The Bathmate penis pumps design is perfect to use with ease either in the shower or bathtub. Hence, it is effortless to integrate Bathmate routines into a daily wash routine.
  7. Every Bathmate penis pump always comes with quality and efficiency in mind and has a 2-year warranty against defective parts or poor quality.

The New Range Of Bathmate Penis Pumps

The Bathmate now offers a wide array of hydro penis pump choices to cater to a wide range of penis sizes that will suit various purposes.

Whether you are interested in penile health therapy or using the Bathmate penis pump as an erection device, or if you are a committed individual pursuing and doing penis enlargement, Bathmate has something to offer you.

Hence, first-timers and beginners and even advanced users will find a particularly well-suited model.

Hydro Series

It is well-suited for first time users or beginners. At this time, the hydro series has only one model, Hydro 7. The Hydro 7 is suitable for a penis size range of 5 inches to 7 inches when fully erect.

If your penis size falls in this size range, the Hydro 7 could be your choice. The next line-up, the HydroMax series has several models with a similar size as the Hydro 7.

Also, Hydro 7 is available in three (3) colors; Crystal Clear, Aqua Blue, and Brilliant Red.

Hydromax Series

It is a series that suits the preferences of an experienced user. Unlike Hydro 7, the HydroMax series is available in four (4) sizes, such as the 5 inches, 7 inches, seven inches-wide boy, and nine inches-side boy.

If you want to take your penis pumping routine and journey to the next level, the Hydromax series should be your preferred choice.

Gains Master / HydroXtreme Series

If you are an experienced penis pump user and want to take it further, go for the Gains Master Series.

The Bathmate HydroXtreme series takes its design to a whole new level. It has a new valve and a detachable handball pump. Anyone with 100% commitment to penis enlargement and want to get most out of his penis pump, the HydroXtreme a perfect choice.

It also comes with complete accessories that do not come with the Hydro and HydroMax series. The HydroXtreme is available in five (5) sizes but only available in one color, Crystal Clear. More info about the Bathmate Xtreme series.

Choosing The Correct Bathmate Pump Size

Picking the right pump for our penis size is crucial.Β The Bathmate penis pump has a wide range of choices. But, making the right choice involves picking a penis pump that is right for your penis size.

Click Here To Choose The Right Bathmate Size For You.

Why Is It Essential To Pick An Appropriate Penis Pump Size?

Choosing The Right Penis Pump Size
Quick Guide To Choosing An Appropriate Bathmate Pump

The Bathmate range of penis pumps works by creating pressure using water around the penis. Due to the larger surface area around the girth or thickness of the penis than its length, users experience girth size increase first.

Often, this can result in the surface area of the girth touching the pump. It is essential to note it because when this happens, girth increase will be impossible.

Hence, regardless there is still enough room for growth for length, girth can expand further. So, if you want further girth gains, you need a new and larger size Bathmate hydro pump.

On the other hand, picking a much bigger penis pump creates a larger space inside reducing the vacuum power. It is these reasons you should choose the appropriate penis pump for your current penis size.

Below is a quick infographic representation as to which penis pump size fits well for specific penis size.

Note: If you are unsure about your present and correct penis size, here is a step-by-step instruction on how to measure your penis. Keep in mind; you need to know your penis for you to choose the correct Bathmate penis pump size or model.

How Long Should Results Be Expected?

Every person is different, and results can vary from person-to-person. Certain factors can influence achieving desirable outcomes, including consistency and intensity.

Around 81% of Bathmate users who used it as a penis enlargement device reported achieving better erections and penis size gains after two months of use.

Others with the same timeframe reported improvements in their sex drive and even a boosts in their self-confidence.

Even more impressive, there are Bathmate Hydromax users who reported gaining real results, including increased penis sizebetter relationships, and satisfying improvements in their sex lives.

Medically, with regular use, some studies backed Bathmate penile health benefits.

Where To Buy Bathmate Penis Pump?

The Bathmate series of hydro pumps that include Hydro, Hydromax, and Xtreme series is available online. It is vitally important to purchase any Bathmate pump via the official store, or from its authorized affiliates.

There are fake or counterfeit Bathmate pumps in circulation. Hence, make sure you purchase the legit Bathmate pump. To learn more about how to spot fake Bathmate pumps, click here.

Your purchase of any Bathmate pump comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Bathmate has a no questions asked refund policy within 60 days when you buy it directly from Bathmate’s official website. Any problems you would encounter upon receiving your Bathmate pump, do not hesitate to contact support.

Things To Keep In Mind

Bathmate hydro penis pump is a useful tool for penile health therapy and penis enlargement purposes. But its effectiveness is just as effective, knowing how to use it appropriately.

For beginners and first-timers, keeping certain things in mind is essential not just for efficiency but also for safety. Although Bathmate penile pumps are safe to use, you must follow the recommendations in the user manual. 

And, of course, start slow and low if you are a first-timer. Using a penis pump does not mean you are racing with someone or other Bathmate users to achieve the quickest and best gains.

Instead, do it with care and focus on long-term healthy and safe results. Who would want quick results but end up facing undesirable consequences?


Having the excitement upon receiving your Bathmate pump is understandable. But don’t just use it immediately and go with your excitement.

Do read the user guide on how to use your Bathmate properly. It is an essential step for beginners, as you must care about safety to avoid any form of injuries.

One of the things you must keep in mind before using your Bathmate pump is to perform warm-up. If you have a hot and cold shower, do the hot shower as this will provide relaxation to the body and the penis itself, making the routine effective.

If you don’t have a hot shower or hot tub, you can use a warm towel to wrap around the penis, including around the pelvic area. Wrap it for a few minutes until you feel relaxed in these areas.

You can then further warm-up the penis using penile exercises like stretching and jelqing, then follow with a Bathmate routine.

As you perform the Bathmate routine regularly, you will be able to adjust to your liking when it comes to pressure and how long you should be doing the routine.

So, if you haven’t purchased your Bathmate already, it’s time to do so and start your Bathmate journey towards a better sex life, longer stamina, and larger penis.


    • If you’re current erect length is 5 inches or below, get Bathmate specifically the Hydromax X20. If you’re above than that, Go for X30 or X40. Please refer to the size reference above.

    • Depending on your culture or ethnicity, your size maybe normal. However, I’ve seen such starting size grows up to over 5 inches to 6 inches through consistent penis enlargement routines…of course including penis enlargement pump like the bathmate. If this is your first time doing it, I suggest and I think many will agree with me to get off to a manual routine first. It sort of saying testing the waters first…getting your feet wet and once you’re into it, make more aggressive and use pump or penis extender. If you’re already into manual routines, please tell us what have you done so far…do you do it consistently or sporadically?

  1. I’ve been lurking on a lot of forums including this site and I’ve decided to to with X40. The xtreme version is tempting, but I guess it’s too much for me at this time.

  2. I got confused initially when I checked bathmate pumps as why there are so many choices and names. However, I’ve realized the pumps have different sizes, pressure capacity and even freebies. Thanks for clearing that out.

  3. I’ve been checking from different choices regarding bathmate because I’m very interested in getting it and will be using it along with my jelqing and stretching. It’s been awhile that I’ve been doing manual routines, and I think it’s time to take my goals to the next level. I choose bathmate pump because it simply my preferred one. πŸ™‚ Honestly, I can’t tell how it different or is it better than Penomet or otherwise, but based on reviews I’ve read from different sources, both works well and it’s just mostly a matter of preference. Don’t worry, once I have it and got experience with it, I’ll be back for feedback.

  4. Great guide here, and thank you for putting all the bathmate pump specs/description in one page. It’s easier to compare what fits, and in my case, I went ahead and purchased the X40.

  5. When I first started penis enlargement a year ago, bathmate has always been my first choice, but didn’t decide to get one until recently.

  6. Do bathmate accepts trade in? This maybe ridiculous but I’m just asking as the guy who left from the apartment I’m living right now forgot to bring or intentionally left a hercules pump. I can tell it’s hercules based on its appearance and comparing it to hercules photos.

  7. While most are eager to get the new bathmate, which is not unusual… I did ordered hercules because it fits exactly to my needs and to my current size. Hopefully, with consistent effort and dedication I can max out the hercules and I would be glad to upgrade to a bigger and more powerful pump like X30 or X40.

  8. Upgrade time…. πŸ™‚ I’ve got Hercules long time ago and I think it’s time to move on to a bigger and more powerful X40. I checked the xtreme model but it’s just too big for me right now. I wish bathmate incorporate a hand pump on either or both X30/X40 pumps.

  9. Hey, I was just checking penis pumps 2 days ago and I wonder how it helpful it would be to increase my erection hardness and stamina. I’m currently at 7.5 inches penis size and it might not be a good idea to increase bigger penis size when it comes to size-wise for women. I have no issue with my wife about the size, but I’m a bit worried about the hardness as sometimes it is not as hard as I wanted although it’s enough for penetration.

    I’m looking forward to experimenting using X40 which fits my size…of course if size increase is possible, that would a big bonus for me πŸ™‚ And, as far as my wife is concern, she is OK with it and we’ve already discussed it. So, it won’t be an issue anymore and I don’t have to hide what I’ll be doing.

    Thank you for listing the detailed specs for all models. Great read and have a nice day!

  10. I’m still in love with my Hercules, but it looks like it’s time to get a bigger and better one like X40. There is almost no more room for growth. I’ve had Hercules for almost 2 years now and have gain good girth as well as length. From almost 5 inches initially to 5.6 currently. I don’t do much routine as those hard core guys I do it a few times a week for 15-20 minutes routine only.

  11. With all the searching about more info about bathmate I finally decided to get one for me. the xtreme is too big for me, so i’m getting the x30. In fact, I’ve tried ordering it online using a pre-paid master gift card, but some issues when entering the information, but one way or another will get it anyway.

  12. Finally, I come to a decision in which I will be upgrading my Hercules to Hydromax X40. Yes! It did worked for me. I was kinda excited when I decide to bought the Hercules but there was only a little room for growth. Now, I’ve finally made it to a point where I need a bigger room for growth.


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