Eating Banana Often May Help Women Conceive A Baby Boy


From drinking milk for conceiving baby girl and eating bananas for a baby boy. Women are constantly in search of ways towards influencing the gender of their baby during conception.

But is there any proof of this? Well, one mother believes so. And, it seems she is on the right track as one study1 also confirms eating bananas before pregnancy offers higher chances of having a baby boy.

Why Bananas Can Influence The Gender of the Baby?

Well, it is not the bananas that influence the gender of the baby. It is the nutrients that contain in the bananas. There was even no mention of bananas in the study.

It is all about the nutritional contents that are present in the banana, notably, the mineral potassium.

Furthermore, another mother mentioned in her CNN article, to boost the chances of conceiving a baby girl, women should avoid potassium.

Of course, it is not a good idea to ignore potassium but perhaps, moderating it. For example, we’ll be using bananas as it among the favorite sources of potassium.

Instead of eating it every day, eating it a few times a week might suffice.

More In This Study

Fiona Matthews, the led author of the study, suggests a correlation between the conception of male babies to diets high in potassium. In the study, there 740 pregnant British women who are unaware of the babies gender.

The researchers gathered information on their diets a year before their pregnancy. At the end of the study, researchers found that women who gave birth to male babies have diet plans high in potassium before conception. Moreover, women with male babies were also consuming high energy foods a year before their pregnancy.

Moreover, 59% of the women who delivered baby boys eat cereals daily a year before pregnancy. The researchers theorized that high energy foods influence the speed of sperm cells. Why this matters? The Y-chromosome, which determines a male gender are faster swimmers. Giving these y-chromosome carrying sperm cells more energy give them higher chances of winning the race.

However, researchers are still investigating it. Hopefully, in the future, they will be able to provide us with evidence with regards to this theory.

Tips That Might Influence Gender Prior To Conception

Men, women and couples will do anything to make their wish come true on their baby’s gender.

If you are among those who really cares, check out these tips;

Tips For Conceiving A Baby Boy

  • Abstain having sex several days before ovulation for the purpose of having more concentrated sperm cells.
  • Have sex during the day of ovulation
  • Eat meat, fish, potassium-rich foods, and of course, don’t be shy for the salt.
  • Drinking green tea daily can be helpful.

Tips for Conceiving A Baby Girl

  • Have frequent sex before the ovulation and abstain during ovulation day.
  • For men, taking a hot bath prior to sex might help.
  • Eat chocolate, of course, make sure it’s organic, preferably.
  • Stash a pink ribbon under the woman’s pillow.

While there are no certainty these techniques may work, some women have positive experience on it.

On the other hand, you may find the book The Billings Method helpful if you want to dig deeper into it.

Prioritize Fertility

While these things have evidence they work, it won’t work at all if you have issues in your fertility.

Therefore, make sure you do your homework when it comes to maintaining and even improving your fertility.

Start with healthy lifestyle practices that include proper nutrition, exercise and avoid bad habits like smoking, alcoholism and sleep deprivation.

When it comes to diet, there are people sensitive to gluten. It may not be apparent at first but asking help from a doctor knows well about it is a good idea.

One of the essential minerals for fertility is zinc. So, make sure you eat foods that are rich in zinc.

For men, there are male fertility boosting supplements but make sure when you take it; it is a part of a healthy lifestyle. Taking supplements while engaging in a bad diet is not helpful at all.

Of course, knowing the things that can hurt your sperms is helpful like irresponsible and excessive use of wireless devices.

Another thing to consider is to do cold showers regularly as it not only boost fertility but also increase testosterone levels. However, if you are sure you are fertile and want to have a baby girl, hot shower is right instead of cold.


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