The Beneficial Effect of Arugula on Liver Health


Increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables is good and healthy habit. Moreover, green leafy vegetables alone have many health benefits including liver health.

One of the known green leafy veggie good for liver health is arugula. It is one of the best foods for the liver, particularly fatty-liver disease prevention.

But, first let us quickly examine…

What Is A Fatty Liver Disease?

First, there are two types of fatty liver disease such as the typical fatty liver disease caused by alcohol consumption and non-fatty liver disease.

Non-fatty liver disease is usually due to unhealthy habits such as excessive sugar consumption. And, obesity or being overweight also causes fatty liver disease.

To make it clearer, let’s hear from an expert.

Arugula For Better Liver Health

As mentioned in the video, there are therapies and medications for fatty liver disease. However, if you want a natural approach, dietary changes can be helpful.

When it comes to prevention, diet matters. In particular, minimizing consumption of refined sugars. Unfortunately, these refined sugars are present in most food products today.

Therefore, it is very difficult to avoid the unhealthy consequences of the dangers of consuming refined sugars.

Fortunately, as long as you start making effort shifting towards a healthy lifestyle, green leafy vegetables like arugula are beneficial for recovering liver health.

Arugula has a zesty and peppery taste. Scientists recognize arugula as an excellent food for the liver. Fortunately, this green leafy veggie is available in many stores, and it’s cheap.

Moreover, it is also easy to grow should you choose to grow it at home. This way, you are certain that it is fully organic.

Why Arugula Is Good For Liver Health?

Arugula has a cleansing property, which is effective for neutralizing the poisoning effect of heavy metals in the body. Heavy metals affect the liver and arugula is beneficial. Since arugula is a cruciferous vegetable, it is beneficial for cancer prevention1.

Furthermore, a cup of arugula contains 8.2 milligrams of chlorophyll. This is helpful in helping wounds heal quickly and of course, liver disease prevention2.

Additionally, a study shows that cruciferous vegetables like arugula contain compounds that are protective against certain cancers3 like breast, colorectal, lung and among others. In another study, researchers found that arugula contains quercetin, a flavonoid4 beneficial for boosting endurance in athletic performance.

Is Arugula Good Enough For A Healthy Liver?

Arugula is one of the healthiest vegetables available for our consumption. However, it is just a part of a whole process in maintaining good health and wellness.

The liver serves as filter for the foods we eat both solid and liquids. But the liver can only filter or neutralize a certain amount of bad stuff.

Therefore, it is our full responsibility to maintain eating the right foods. For instance, minimizing or even completely avoiding the consumption of highly processed foods.

Even more so, avoiding the consumption of a high amount of soda and alcohol is good for the liver.


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