Amazing Trick On How To Calm A Baby Effortlessly


Having a baby is one of the most precious, as well as a priceless gift we can have. But I admit, caring a baby is difficult especially when she/he cries. But worry no more and discover this one trick on how to calm a baby with ease.

How To Calm A Baby

Difficult times of caring during the first months. Fortunately, with this one amazing and simple trick on how to calm a baby can truly help you.

Changing the diapers is a no brainer. Even feeding the baby I find it easy. What’s annoying and sometimes so difficult to handle is when the baby cries like no tomorrow.

The only trick I found with our daughter (now 7 years old) is rocked her gently up and down while holding her facing to me.

This is the trick I find very effective for her when she was crying for nothing.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to recognize the reasons the baby cries like hungry, sleepy, or not feeling well.

A Pediatrician’s Trick To Calming A Baby

There are times when the baby is calling Mom and Dad’s attention, yet Mom and Dad can’t understand it. I was pretty happy with the trick I’ve discovered and still used it today on other babies.

However, Dr. Robert Hamilton of Pacific Ocean Pediatrics has an easier trick to calming a baby.

His amazing trick can be summarized in 4 steps;

  1. Fold the baby’s arms on the chest.
  2. Secure the arms gently with your hands.
  3. Grasp the diaper area with your other hand.
  4. Rock the baby at a 45-degree angle gently.

To clearly demonstrate, below is Dr. Hamilton’s video demonstrating his technique on calming a baby.


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