5 Habits That Add 10 Plus Years Of Your Life And Better Health


If you ask every person you meet if he or she wants to live long, you might get an outstanding “Yes” answer every time. Longevity and anti-aging go hand-in-hand. Today, the anti-aging is a billion dollar industry, and yet, it seems we’re still finding that fountain of youth.

Healthy Longevity Habits
Habits That Can Make You Live Long and Healthy

Many people are spending their money on expensive solutions for longevity and anti-aging. Unfortunately, missing the simple, natural and effective ways. As one man says, picking a good wife is his key to living long.

On the contrary, one woman says her secret to living a long life is avoiding men. So, which one should we follow? Confusing isn’t it?

However, confuse no more as we will explore a few of the habits that will not only make you live longer but also healthier. There is on point living a long life while in the agony of having an illness.

Life is worth living long while being healthy and happy at the same time. One study1 confirms that healthy lifestyle practices are beneficial for reducing premature death and prolonging life expectancy.

1. Quit Smoking

It’s evident that not all are smokers. However, for smokers who want to live a healthy and long life, quitting smoking is the right decision. Keep in mind, not even a single stick of cigarette a day is not safe.

Quitting Smoking Is A Healthy Decision
Quit Smoking

The damaging effect of cigarette smoking goes even as deep as the DNA level. Smoking kills, and the CDC proves it.

2. Engage In Regular Physical Activity

Physical activities include regular exercise and doing things that involve physical movements. Studies have shown that regular exercise has many health benefits. It even has a Viagra-like effect, which means it is beneficial for your sex life, as well.

Regular Exercise
If you want to live long and healthy, Exercise is one of the secrets

Moreover, simple movements like walking and running are among the most forgotten forms of physical activity. In one study, researchers found that walking an exercise can turn back the brain’s age nine years younger. Today, an increasing number of people are becoming sedentary or inactive.

One of the scientifically proven effective exercises is HIIT(high-intensity interval training). Interestingly, it does not take much time to do it. All you need is a few minutes at least a few times a week. Experts recommend doing HIIT 3 times a week.

Of course, walking and running outdoors are also good additions to physical activity. With outdoor physical activities, there is an additional benefit due to sunlight exposure, which is a good source for Vitamin D.

Moreover, science says that regular exercise including MVPA(moderate to vigorous physical activity) slows down the aging of the cells.

3. Good Nutrition Matters – Stick To It

Proper nutrition means a well-balanced diet. Unfortunately, we are bombarded with fast foods these days.

Mediterranean diet is an example of proper nutrition
Proper Nutrition Plays A Role In Both Better Health and Longevity

Fortunately, as long as you’re conscious of what you’re eating, you’ll be able to avoid unhealthy fast foods. Perhaps, an excellent example of a well-balanced diet is the Mediterranean diet.

Additionally, the DASH diet is another good choice too, which is based on the Mediterranean diet. For those who are in the process or planning to lose weight, the Ketogenic diet might be a good choice.

4. Maintain A Healthy BMI

BMI or body mass index is the basis of determining a person’s health concerning weight. So, what is a healthy BMI? Studies suggest that a BMI  between 18.5 and 24.9 is optimal.

Body Mass Index (BMI)
Body Mass Index

Studies confirmed that maintaining an optimal body mass index is beneficial for preventing diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

However, BMI numbers may not apply to some people. Some experts suggest that BMI is not reliable. Instead, a measurement of waist to height (WHR)2 3 ratio is better and tells a more accurate health status of a person.

The WHR(waist to height ratio) measurement means the waist should measure half of the person’s height.

5. Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation are both Eastern practices for thousands of years. Many Easterners are still practicing it today. Unfortunately, the influence of the West has led to the decline of people practicing yoga and meditation.

Yoga and Meditation Boosts Health and Longevity
Yoga and Meditation Are Ancient Practices For Mind and Body Connection

On the other hand, as the West starts to embrace and look into the beneficial effect of yoga and meditation, science has now proven its role for longevity.

Some doctors are now prescribing4 yoga as part of an overall treatment, particularly on pain management. For instance, men with prostate cancer can benefit from regular yoga practice.

When it comes to longevity, yoga and meditation are major factors;

…we review data indicating how breath work can affect longevity mechanisms in some ways that overlap with meditation and in other ways that are different from, but that synergistically enhance, the effects of meditation. We also provide clinical evidence for the use of yoga breathing in the treatment of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and for victims of mass disasters.

Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2009 Aug;1172:54-62. doi: 10.1111/j.1749-6632.2009.04394.x

Summing It Up

When it comes to achieving long life and staying healthy at the same time, no one thing can help accomplish both of it. It is a combination of the two most important thing in health and wellness, movements and proper nutrition.

Engaging in regular exercise combined with a well-balanced diet is key to good health and longevity. Add to it the practice of yoga and meditation; it makes a person whole.

One misconception is considering yoga as an exercise. While it involves movement, it is not only exercise but a meditation, as well. The practice of yoga and meditation help in connecting the physical and mental aspect of human, and even spiritual.

When there is oneness in mind and body, there is less stress or stress is easily managed. Moreover, spending time with nature while walking or running has significant benefit for reducing stress.

What about alcohol? Isn’t it studies are confirming the longevity benefit of alcohol?

It is true. However, other study findings have contradictions. Perhaps, a few shots of red wine a week is helpful. Still, alcohol is optional as everyone is different.

In one study, researchers found that even a single shot of alcohol is enough to shorten a person’s life. Hence, it is one of the reasons to avoid alcohol.

However, if you feel and find moderate alcohol contributes to your health and wellness, do so. Otherwise, stick to healthy habits without it.


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