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6 Possible Reasons You’re Experiencing Penile Pains During Sex

Sex is supposed to be enjoyable, exhilarating, arousing, and relaxing, yet there are certain conditions in men that induce pain during intercourse. This is also true for women, but we’re only be going to cover issues and reasons why men experience pains during sexual intercourse.

Painful experience on situations wherein couple should enjoy intimacy can ruin a day, and even get the female partner frustrated specially if she doesn’t have any idea why it happens.

In some cases, you’re making an intimate moment with your partner, and suddenly pain gets on the way, and even worse if your partner is about to reach orgasm, but didn’t make it.

Usually, these pain-causing situation needs medical attention, and you should consult your urologist if you’re unsure what is going on. For us men, it is always our aim to perform better and longer in bed providing a satisfying and enjoyable experience to our partner.

Take note, we don’t offer any medical advice here, we’re just stating the potential pain-causing conditions.

Penis Curvature or Peyronies Disease

#1 – Penile Curvature, Peyronie’s Disease

This condition causes the penis to bend or curve due to the formation of scar tissue somewhere in the penile shaft. The curvature can be upward, downward, left, or right direction depending on where the scar tissue build-up. While a slight curvature of the penis is normal, beyond that normal curvature plus pain is not normal anymore.

Usually, curvature angle of 30 degrees and above is typical on Peyronie’s Disease. Those normal slight bending of the penile shaft should not induce pains, but if it does even if the curvature is below 30 degrees, there is a potential build-up of scar tissue in it.

In some cases, where the pain is present but tolerable, correcting the curvature in a non-invasive way is possible, plus add to the routine some basic penis exercises like stretching and jelqing done lightly.

Previously, we’ve covered Peyronie’s Disease in details where possible solutions are presented including the use of traction device, which is a very popular penile extension system and curvature correction, plus causes why curvature happens and how to avoid further bending of the penile shaft.

#2 – Tight Foreskin, Phimosis/Paraphimosis

This condition on uncut males, and known as phimosis in the medical community, which is the inability to retract the foreskin, or prepuce, the skin covering the glans or penile head. There is also another condition called paraphimosis that causes painful swelling at the tip of the penis. Both conditions are painful, and having these conditions is not fun.

Treatment suggestion for this condition is to press and compress the glans while pushing the prepuce, or foreskin in a forward direction to help reduce swelling. However, if this technique does not work, and might not work with everyone, circumcision could be the next possible option.

If you have this and suffering from it for a long time, put an end to it by consulting your doctor/urologist and discuss the possible option starting with non-invasive treatment.


#3 – Prostatitis

This condition involved an internal problem as it is often defined as an infection of the male prostate, or it could also be an inflamed prostate, but no sign of infection.

Health experts say that this condition does not induce risk of developing prostate cancer, and around 5% to 10% of prostatitis cases are due to bacterial infection. This condition results in a burning and painful sensation during urination.

To learn more about this condition, watch this video;

#4 – Urinary Tract Infections, UTI

It’s true that UTI is common in women, but men are no exception to this condition. Men who are affected with urinary tract infection have common complains like burning and painful sensation when urinating.

In addition to the pain, a foul odor also comes out from the penis, and even worst UTI induce pain during orgasm or ejaculation. If you have this condition and you still want to engage in sexual intercourse, make sure to put on a condom as UTI can spread to your partner, which in turn affecting her, too.

There are available over the counter medications for UTI that you can take without a doctor’s prescription. However, if you can, you consult your doctor specially if the condition persists even after taking medications.

One way to avoid UTI is to drink enough amount of water regularly. If available, drink buko water daily as this helps flush out the bacteria that causes the infection of the urinary tract.

Painful Sex

#5 – Genital Herpes

Herpes is an STD or sexually-transmitted disease and this induce pain during sex, plus it can spread to the partner quickly. So, if you have herpes, avoid engaging in sexual intercourse with your partner as it can infect her, as well. When you have herpes, your penis can sore with pimple-like lumps. To learn more and be familiarize with genital herpes, watch this video;

#6 – Skin Allergies

The penis is covered with skin and in some men are not safe from allergies due to skin sensitivity that causes itching, and in some cases can lead to inflammation. Just as with phimosis, it’s very common in men who are uncut, or uncircumcised.

Because this is a skin problem, you might want to consult with a dermatologist and ask proper recommendation about what you can apply in order to end the condition if your current solutions are not working such as using creams and lotions or even taking some sort of supplementation.

These are the one’s commonly happening when it comes to painful experience during sexual intercourse. Take note, some of these conditions also affect women like herpes and UTI, so if you have any of these make sure to avoid sexual contact avoiding passing of infection to your partner.


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